N, M, Karamzin "Poor Lisa": a summary of the work

"Poor Lisa" (a short summary of the story-characterthe era of sentimentalism of Russian literature will be described in the article) - the story of a simple girl. Of course, to convey the entire impression and the whole plot of a seemingly small work is impossible in such a condensed form.

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The author is the outstanding historian N.Karamzin. "Poor Liza" (a short summary can be read below) is a sentimental story that has become an example of this trend in the Russian classics. So, the actions of the events described take place in the vicinity of Moscow ...

Poor Liza: a short summary

Near the monastery is a house where he livesmain character. Her father was an honest peasant. After his death, Lisa and her mother had to give the land for rent for little money. Despite this, the girl continued to work hard. Once Lisa went to the market to sell lilies of the valley. There she was approached by a nice young man named Erast. He was handsome, well-off, and rich. He led a rather free way of life. Erast offered the girl a ruble for the bouquet, but she, by virtue of her modesty, took only 5 cents (this retelling of the text is a short summary). Poor Lisa picked up the bouquet the next day, but Erast never came. But the next day the nobleman visited the girl in her house. Since then they began to meet often.

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Erast saw in a simple girl what alwaysdreamed: peace and love. He was tired of the light, from artificial relationships and a riotous lifestyle. With Liza, he was calm and happy. During their next meeting the girl confessed that they want to marry a rich peasant. Lisa threw herself into the arms of a young man, and "at this hour the integrity had to perish". Poor Lisa (the short content of the story should encourage reading the original) continued to get in touch with her lover, but now Erast's attitude has changed: he no longer saw in it that pure angel. Later, he goes to war.

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Two months later, Lisa was again in the city,where she saw her lover in a rich carriage. The girl threw herself on his neck, but he rejected her embrace, led him into the office and informed that he would marry a rich widow, since he had lost almost all his fortune. Erast gives the girl a hundred rubles asks to forget him. Lisa does not stand such a grudge. On the way home she meets her neighbor, who gives money and asks to tell her mother that she was deceived by her beloved. Lisa throws herself into the water. Erast, after learning about the death of a girl, blames herself to the end of her days.

Nikolai Karamzin wrote a remarkablesentimental story "Poor Lisa" (the summary does not convey the full force of the work). This story became the basis of many women's novels, became the basis for creating films and simply a sample of sentimentalism in Russian and world classical literature. A fascinating love story of a typical peasant woman and a windy nobleman made the minds of that time stir up and makes modern people read the story in one breath. This is the classic of the genre.

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