"Geese-swans" (fairy tale): a summary and genre features

In this article, we will consider the short content of the fairy tale "Geese-swans" for children. But first we will talk a little about the genre itself, as well as about the differences between folk and literary works.

Genre of a fairy tale

geese swans fairy tale summary

A fairy tale is one of folklore, and laterand literary genres. This epic work is usually of a prosaic character, which has a heroic, everyday or magical theme. The main features of this genre are the lack of historicity and the unconcealed, conspicuous fictionality of the plot.

"Geese-swans" - a fairy tale, the brief content of which we will consider below, refers to folk. That is, she does not have the author as such, it was composed by the Russian people.

Difference of the people from the literary tale

Folklore, or folk, a fairy tale appearedearlier literary and passed a long time from mouth to mouth. Hence, there are a lot of discrepancies between plots and variants of such stories. So, we will present here the most common short content of the fairy tale "Geese-swans". However, this does not mean that in another locality and regions of our country this work has exactly the same heroes. The plot as a whole will be one, but it can differ in nuances.

Literary fairy tale was originally inventedauthor. Under no circumstances can its story be changed. In addition, originally such a work appeared on paper, and not in oral speech.

Russian folk tale "Geese-swans": a short summary. String

a short tale of geese swans

Long ago a man and his wife lived. They had two children: the eldest daughter Masha and the youngest son Vanya.

Once the parents went to the city and punished Masha to look after her brother and not leave the yard. And for the good conduct promised to the guests.

But as soon as her parents left, Masha planted Vanya under the window of the house on the grass, and she ran off to the street with her friends.

But here it is not known where the geese-swans arose, the birds picked up the boy and dragged him towards the forest.

Masha returned, watching - Vanya is nowhere to be found. The girl has rushed to search for the brother, but anywhere it is not visible. She called Vanya, but he did not respond. Masha sat down and cried, but with tears of grief you will not help, and she decided to go in search of her brother.

The girl ran from the yard, looked around. Suddenly I saw geese-swans flying in the distance, and then disappeared into the dark forest. Masha understood who had abducted her brother, and rushed into the chase.

The girl ran out into the clearing and saw the stove. She asked me to indicate the way. The stove responded that it would tell where the swans were flying, if Masha threw firewood into it. The girl complied with the request, the stove said where the kidnappers had gone. And our heroine ran on.

Baba Yaga

Russian folk tale geese swans

Continues Masha to find out where they flewSwan geese. A fairy tale (a summary is presented in this article) tells how the girl meets an apple tree, the branches of which are studded with ruddy fruit. Masha asks her where the geese-swans have gone. Yablonka asked to shake apples from her, and then she will tell where the birds flew. The girl complied with the request and found out where the kidnappers had gone.

Mashenka runs on and sees the milk river withwith crocheted shores. Asked the girl by the river, where the geese-swans flew. And in response: "Move the stone that prevents me from flowing, then I will say." Masha shifted the stone, and the river indicated where the birds had gone.

The girl reached the dense forest. And then her hedgehog prompted the road. He curled up and rolled to the hut on his legs. In that hut Baba-yaga sits, and at the porch Vanya plays with golden apples. Masha crept up, grabbed Vanya and rushed to run.

Baba-yaga noticed that the boy was gone, and sent the geese-swans in pursuit.

Decoupling of the work

a short tale of geese swans for children

"Geese-swans," a fairy tale, the summary of whichwe are presenting here, coming to an end. Masha is running with her brother and sees that they are overtaken by birds. Then she rushed to the river and asked that she hide them. Hid them a small river, and flew past the pursuers, did not notice anything.

Next run brother and sister. Again noticed their birds. Then Masha ran to the apple tree and asked them to hide it. The tree of children covered the branches with their branches, and again the geese-swans did not notice anything.

And again the children are running, not far from home. But then the birds again noticed the fugitives. They try to snatch the brother out of his hands. But then Masha noticed the stove, in which she hid herself with Vanya. The geese-swans could not reach the children and returned back to the Baba Yaga.

The brother and sister got out of the stove and ranhome. Here Masha washed and brushed Vanya, put her on the bench, next to her, she sat down. Soon the parents returned and brought the children presents. The daughter did not tell them anything. So with nothing left the geese-swans.

Fairy tale (a summary of this confirms)refers to the so-called magic. For such works, the presence of a magical villain (Baba-yaga in our case) and magical helpers (stove, apple, river, hedgehog) is typical.

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