The film "The Avengers". Characters known and undisclosed

It is rather difficult to find in modern societya man unfamiliar with the "Avengers". But, probably, not everyone knows that this is only part of the huge world of comics "Marvel", in which there are still a large number of so far unknown to the audience superheroes. The most popular comics began to be screened since the end of the last century. But, of course, then still did not know about those special effects that are used in modern film production. And without them, shooting comics was a hopeless occupation.

the characters of the movie the avengers of the era of the altron

Who are the Avengers?

Everything has changed in the new millennium. New technologies made it possible to translate on the screen the most insane images from the comic book series "Marvel". Familiarity with the characters happened long before the film "The Avengers". The characters fought against the villains in their films: Tony Stark was discovered in all its glory in both parts of Iron Man (2008 and 2010), the Hulk also managed to appear twice on the screen in 2003 and 2008, and in 2011 came out Thor "And" The First Avenger "- the following in the Marvel chronology of the film, in which viewers met Captain America and Asgard God Thor.

the avengers of the characters

Undervalued heroes

And although with the comics at the Marvel cable carquite a lot of discrepancies, the general essence and idea are conveyed in the films correctly. "Avengers" united the entire team of superheroes, because the Earth was threatened with such a danger that no one could cope with alone. This was promoted by one of the important figures of the movie "Avengers", the characters of which are mostly superheroes with supernatural abilities. Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) created the SHIELD (an organization to combat crime) as early as the end of World War II, but due to some problems he had to freeze his project until better times. In comics, the history of the organization and its members is described in more detail and in detail, which, of course, is not enough for screen time. Nick Fury appeared in all the films, except for "Hulk". Thus, the audience was already well acquainted with him before the "Avengers". The plot of the film introduces us to the two active agents of the SHIELD, who, unfortunately, have not yet received their individual films and have lighted up a bit only in the two previous tapes of the crammed Marvel. This is Falcon Eye and the Black Widow - they play far from the last role in the tape "Avengers". Characters from the film were very harmoniously played by Jeremy Renner and Scarlett Johansson. Their stories have been inexcusably short of screen time, because these are really interesting and ambiguous characters, although they do not have superpowers. Clint Barton: about him is told in the film very little. This is a closed killer, incredibly accurate and dexterous, possessing a tremendous reaction, for which he received his nickname - Hawkeye. At least, this information can be picked up from comics. He is Fury's co-worker, helped Nick with SHIELD organization, paired with Black Widow, took part in special operations. Because of her betrayal, he lost his wife and children. A short acquaintance with Sokolin Eye before the "Avengers" was in the movie "Thor". Black Widow - Russian spy Natasha (Romanova) Romanoff, has a dark past, but wants to serve the cause of peace. He has an amazing memory, speaks several languages ​​and has martial arts. Another is not a supernatural, but incredibly valuable employee of the organization, an important part of the team.

avengers characters from the movie

Superheroes with super abilities

Tell about these characters in detail prettyit's pointless. They became famous among moviegoers before the film "Avengers". Characters Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America have truly huge army of fans. The closest comic book adaptation of the adventures of a huge green guy was the "Incredible Hulk" of 2008, with Edward Norton in the title role. However, in the "Avengers" hero Bruce Banner (the main hypostasis of the Hulk) is Mark Ruffalo. Huge size, incredible strength, the ability to withstand any temperature and withstand unimaginable strikes - that's why Fury invites Bruce Banner to the SHIELD. Inimitable Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is a genius, billionaire, philanthropist in an ultra-sleek suit - an amazingly noble hero, a generator of sparkling humor and irony in the team, her irreplaceable Iron Man. But Thor (Chris Hamsworth) - the most incredible and mythical hero of the team, he is a demigod of Asgard. Unusually, and the character's weapon from the Avengers is a special hammer made of a star, capable of controlling thunder and lightning. Well, Captain America (Chris Evans) is a national symbol and a hero who received his abilities as a result of a military experiment, and, due to a prolonged coma, a little behind the modern world.

Avengers character weapon

The Universal Evil

Not surprisingly, the team incrediblesuperheroes resists evil truly planetary scale in the film "The Avengers." The characters in the first part fight with Thor's half-brother - the evil god of lies called Loki (who was brilliantly played by Tom Hiddleston). He came to Earth to conquer the human race. For the Torah, fighting with your brother and the main enemy is not just an assignment to save the world, but a real challenge. In the second part, Avengers are opposed by the Altron - a robot that was created to protect humanity, but its program failed. New characters in the movie "The Avengers: The Age of the Altron" are Pietro and Vanda Maximoff performed by Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen. They are twins, mutants with the nicknames Mercury and the Scarlet Witch. Initially, they fight on the side of Altrón, but after learning his real plans, they go over to the side of the Avengers and join their team.

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