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Karen Oganesyan is a director, known for suchpictures, like "I'm staying", "Brownie". In his filmography nine works. In addition, Karen Hovhannisyan acted as a producer in creating the films "Marathon", "The Legend of the Circle".

Karen Oganesyan


Karen Oganesyan was born in 1978. His hometown is Yerevan. He graduated from the Faculty of Philology, after which he studied at directing courses. As a thesis, he presented the examiners a short film "Doors in Self". However, in the capital of Armenia, Karen Hovhannisyan was unable to realize his creative potential, and therefore left for Moscow.


Karen Hovhannisyan entered the VGIK. According to his memoirs, he did not finish one of the most prestigious institutions of Russia on the recommendation of the director Motyl. The creator of the "White Sun of the Desert" allegedly looked at one of his works and expressed the opinion that such a great talent could ruin the educational program of the VGIK. And so the hero of this article left the institute, training in which, moreover, was too expensive, and entered the PR courses at the RSUH.

Since 2003, Oganesyan has also been involved inediting and filming of video clips. His debut in the movie was the movie "I Stay." This picture was the last in the work of the performer of the main role. The hero A. Krasko voiced another actor.

In 2008, Hovhannisyan shot an action-packed film"Brownie". The plot of this picture was based on the story of the author of detective novels and a hired killer. The main actors in the film were actors of Russian cinema: V. Mashkov, C. Khamatova, K. Khabensky.

Approximately at the time when the screens went outthe second film of Oganesyan, he took part in the creation of television projects. Among them, we can mention the series "Jurov" and "Open, it's me". In 2011, the comedy "Five Brides" was released on the screens.

"I stay"

The film tells the story of the world that lies betweenlife and death. The protagonist falls into a coma as a result of an accident. A sad story has a happy ending for him. During his stay in a coma, he reconsidered his views on life. Being a previously convinced atheist, Dr. Tyrsa (the character of Oganesyan's debut film) believed that not everything in this world has a scientific explanation. It is worth saying that the picture "I'm staying" is not devoid of black humor.

Karen Oganesyan director personal life

Roles in the film were performed by famous actors. The presence in the credits of such names as Andrei Sokolov, Fyodor Bondarchuk, Elena Yakovleva, could not help attracting the attention of the audience to the work of the unknown cinematographer. But the picture, despite the fact that it is the first in Oganesyan's filmography, has earned numerous positive reviews.

Other Movies

A year after the premiere of the film "I Am Staying", a thriller "The Brownie" was created. The film tells of an unlucky novelist who, in search of an idea for a new book, was on the verge of death.

Other films by Oganesyan:

  1. «Zhurov 2».
  2. "Open it, it's me."
  3. "Five Brides"
  4. "Sonnetau".
  5. "Moms."

Karen Oganesian director

Karen Oganesyan is a director whose personal lifetoday remains a closed topic for journalists. About the family of the Russian filmmaker of Armenian origin, nothing is known. In addition, Hovhannisyan will devote a lot of time to work. There is information that soon will be released his new film, in which the main role will be performed by Til Schweiger.

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