Engin Akurek is a chic actor. "Dirty money and love": creators, actors, plot

The fact that the Turkish TV series Kara Para Ask ("Dirtymoney and love ") will blow up popularity ratings, there was no doubt. He won the hearts of the audience from the first episode. Otherwise, it could not be, because it perfectly and successfully collected all the main components: the channel for the broadcast, the production company, literate scriptwriters, experienced stage director and a stunning cast. The project was initially doomed to success.

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The fact that the painting exploded, like a bomb,"blame" the creators of the series. Director Ahmet Kathikziz, guided by the fact that the basis of any film project is the story and technique of his presentation, he paid much attention to the sound, so the use of certain effects allowed to enhance the impression of the event.

One of the director's favorite techniques wasdemonstration of what is happening from the position of the protagonist Omer. It was with the eyes of Engin Akurek that the spectator watched more than one scene. He really is a great actor. "Dirty money and love" only benefited from his participation.

Pay tribute to the creative duoscreenwriters. Eilem Dzhanopolat and Seme Ergenekon did an excellent job. The plot twists and turns do not cease to amaze: it is a romantic love story, a story of tragic sadness, and a detective line.

Actors of the series "Dirty money and love" GulerOktem (mother Omer), Nebahat Chehre, Ekran Jan, Saigin Soysal (Metin), Burak Tandoan (Hussein) were so convincing that it seemed as though they were living the lives of their characters. Praise deserves even the performers of secondary roles.

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Leading actors

All the actors of the film "Dirty money and love"proved their skills, but the performers of the main roles are breathtaking, dizzy. Between Tube Büyükyustün and Engin Akurek there is a touching, tantalizing "chemistry". This is a professional master class. They are an incredible couple, with a big letter Actress and Actor. "Dirty money and love" thanks to their participation delight the viewer. The performers of the main roles captivate the beholder with their expressive facial expressions, body language, the ability to accurately convey their feelings and emotions.

Interesting fact: the Turkish series is demonstrated in Greece under a different name - "Diamonds and Love", and there Akurek is a favorite female actor. "Dirty money and love" are broadcasted on the Greek television channel "Mega". With the creativity of Engin Akurek most of the fans are familiar on the TV series "What is Fatmagul's fault?".

In the new project Kara Para Aşk he tried oncardinally opposite image. Omer is a brutal, attractive and self-assured truth-seeker and truth-seeker. During the viewing, it seems that he gets used to the image and believes in the existence of his hero in real life. For Engin, acting is a hobby, a hobby and a life.


The series "Dirty money and love", actors and roles in thewhich were chosen by the creators surprisingly harmoniously, has a complicated and intricate plot. The protagonist - the police commissioner Omer - receives an alert about the accident and immediately leaves for the call. At the scene of the accident, he is awaited by a terrible tragedy. In the broken car in place of the passenger is his beloved Sibel, and in the driver's seat he discovers a stranger named Ahmet. Not believing in chance, the protagonist begins his own investigation, during which horrifying facts emerge.

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Filming in Rome

According to the idea of ​​the authors, the tape for 5 daysfilmed in Rome. The actors of the series "Dirty money and love" Engin Akurek and Tuba Buyukyustun managed not only to work, but also to visit the most beautiful corners of the beautiful ancient city.

At first, Tuba, who performs the main female roleElif in the series, was shot in Rome separately from other actors, as the shooting process took place in parallel and in Turkey. A little later Engin Akurek arrived - a handsome actor.

"Dirty money and love" is a story about how,As the Omer and Elif unites the common grief - the loss of native people. After all, his beloved and her father were found dead in one car. Prior to this tragedy, Elif, a jewelry designer, had never met a policeman. Grief joined their destinies. The girl lived in Italy and very rarely came to her homeland in Istanbul, the man lived in Vienna and came to the same city only to his bride.

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2 season

Fans of the project have very little leftTo remain ignorant about the fate of their pets. The second season of the Turkish series will be released in September. Looking ahead, we can say that it will be missing some actors. For example, Selin Ortachla, the performer of the role of Sibel, left the project. After revealing the secret of her murder, this character has exhausted itself completely. Also the series will leave Nebahat Chehre, who played the role of Zerrin. Increase the time of stay in the frame and the weight in the development of the story of Tayar, who will continue to rule the empire of evil and vice. The secrets of Hussein will begin to unfold, and finally the light will be shed on the intriguing connection between the father of the Omer, Ahmet and Tayar.

The second season promises to be exciting!

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