Varvara: the singer and her creativity

Our heroine of today is singer Varvara. Her biography will be examined below. It's about the Russian singer. She performed in the troupe of the State Theater of Variety Performances. She was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Russia.


barbarian singer

Varvara is a singer who was born in1973, in Balashikha. She studied at the Russian Academy of Music named after Gnesins. Later I entered the GITIS. Studied in absentia. I chose the specialty "artist of the musical theater".


Varvara is a singer who started her soloA career after she left the theater. In 2001, NOX Music released the debut album of our heroine. It was called "Varvara". Work on this disk continued throughout the year 2000. It should be noted that Varvara is a singer who collaborated with Kim Breitburg. He was the author of a number of her songs. In 2002, our heroine received an offer from Norn Bjorn, who is the founder of a Swedish studio called Cosmo, about recording several compositions with a symphony orchestra. The first song that was created in this collaboration was "It's behind". It can be attributed to the style of modern r'n'b. Recording of the remaining tracks our heroine decided to continue on the territory of Russia.


barbarian singer
Varvara is a singer who performed at the contest"Song of the Year" in 2002. There she performed the song "Od-na". Soon this song appeared on the air of various radio stations of the country. In 2003, Ars-Records released the second album of our heroine called "Closer". Most of the songs were recorded at the Brothers Grimm studio. Work on the next album was started in 2003. It was her release of the song "Dreams". Thus, the beginning of a new ethnic direction in the work of the singer was laid. On the island called Valaam on the specified composition, a clip was shot. He became a romantic saga, which narrates about a stranger-girl.

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