"Second uprising of Spartacus": actors and the plot of the film

Today we will discuss the film "The Second UprisingSpartacus. " Actors and roles are presented below. The picture is a film adaptation of the novel of the same name by E. Vyshenkov and A. Konstantinov. The tape combines the genres of war film and drama. The picture consists of 12 series, and was released on screens in 2013. The director was Vasily Pichul.


Second uprising Spartacus actors
We discuss the plot of the film "The Second Uprising of Spartacus." Actors will be presented further. The main character is Spartak Kotlyarevsky. He was a pilot who in August 1941 bombed Berlin. However, he received a prison term instead of the Hero of the Star. Now Spartacus has only one way out - an uprising. On the specified path went his namesake, the Roman gladiator, 2000 years ago. The hero becomes the organizer of the largest riot of prisoners for the entire period of the Soviet regime.

Key players

Kotlyarevsky and his loverPolka-saboteur Beata Lomnitskaya - the main characters of the film "The Second Spartacist Rebellion." Actors Konstantin Kryukov and Tatiana Arntgolts performed these roles. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Konstantin Kryukov was born in Moscow. Grandson of the actor and director Sergei Fyodorovich Bondarchuk. Mother - Alena Bondarchuk. She is also an actress. Father - Doctor of Philosophy Vitaly Kryukov. The actor was trained at the American Gemological Institute. Then I decided to get a second higher education - a legal one. In Prague he received a Gold Medal from the Franz Kafka Society.

Tatiana Arntgolts was born in 1982., On March 18, in Kaliningrad. Her parents are actors in the Kaliningrad Regional Drama Theater. Valentina Galich and Albert Alfonsovich are honored artist of the Russian Federation. Tatyana is twenty minutes older than her sister Olga. Until the ninth grade, girls attended regular school. Then she began to study in the acting class of 49 Kaliningrad Lyceum. Tatyana was engaged in rhythmic gymnastics and pentathlon. She was educated at the Shchepkin Theater School.

Cyril Pletnev embodied the image of Marcel. This actor was born in 1979, December 30, in Kharkov. From childhood he lived in Leningrad, where he graduated from school.

Other heroes

the second uprising Spartacus actors and roles
Doctor Olga Leonidovna Lavrentieva and NKVD officer Komsomolets are two memorable characters in the film "The Second Spartacist Uprising." Actors Maria Zvonareva and Alexander Loyer performed these roles.

Alexandra Ursulyak played Vlad Kotlyarevskaya. The Soviet intelligence officer and grandmother of the main hero and his sisters also appear in the plot of the film "The Second Spartacist Rebellion." Actors Viktor Rakov and Galina Polsky performed these roles. Sergei Varchuk embodied the image of Colonel Gerashchenko.

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