Painting I.E. Grabar "February Azure": description and mood, which she conveys

Russian school of painting deserves a separateattention. Many masters entered the world treasury of artistic thought, becoming the founders of new styles. Igor Grabar plays an important role among the painters of Russia, whose pictures are permeated through the spirit of the Russian people.

Young artists

a picture and a grabber in February azure

The painter was born in Budapest in the family of an activist andpublic figure E. I. Grabar and was named after his grandfather. The family had to leave its native city and move to Russia in 1876, when the young Igor Emmanuilovich was only 5 years old.

Because of his father's activist life, the boyoften had to remain in the care of family friends, away from their parents. Perhaps this affected the child, who since childhood was drawn to drawing and in his spare time preferred the Tretyakov Gallery to a peer society.

Education Grabar Igor Emmanuilovich receivedexcellent. After graduating from the Moscow Lyceum, the young man enters the St. Petersburg University and studies in parallel at two faculties: the History and Philology and the Law. The desire to own a brush urges Igor Emmanuilovich to study in the art workshop of Ilya Repin, which he does in his student years. The love of creativity leads the future artist to the idea of ​​continuing education, and he enters the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts.


Like most other painters, GrabarIgor Emmanuilovich could not be without a source of inspiration. After graduation, the future artist goes on a trip to Europe, where he was immensely impressed by eternal Rome, romantic Florence and Venice, strict Berlin and Paris air.

 grab picture
It is in these cities that he visits all the timegallery and get acquainted with the originals of works by masters of the Renaissance. The purity of lines and genuine enthusiasm of fellow predecessors fascinate the young man, and he hurries to share emotions with his canvas. Then he decides that he will continue to travel further, comprehending the world and culture of Western civilization.

The main theme in creativity

After Europe the future artist I.E. Grabar returns to Russia, creative metamorphosis takes place with him. Six years of travel left a mark on the painter's soul, which he honed on his canvases.

 Rabbi Igore Emmanuilovich
However, upon arrival at home, the master findsa new source of inspiration, which will become the main theme of his work - the beauty of Russian nature. He is fascinated by the elegance of birches, the endless fields and the genuine beauty of winter landscapes. All this is reflected in a new cycle of paintings: "White Winter", "March Snow" and the famous "February Azure." The latter among them was written with special love and became a symbol of the Russian winter.

Painting I.E. Grabar "February Azure"

The artist managed to capture on the canvas a new image of the winter nature in all its true beauty.

reproduction of a picture February azure
Painting I.E. Grabar "February Azure" was written on the street in a trench dug from the snow, in a period when there was a severe frost. However, these inconveniences did not stop the master, who was able to depict realistically on the canvas all the elements of nature that inspired him. The artist said that one day he was lucky to see the top of the snow-covered birch, and he could not hide his delight. It seemed that the colors of the rainbow had found a new interpretation and acquired a previously unheard of meaning. Then he really realized that all these chimes of colors are born only thanks to the inimitable glare of the sky. This idea was reflected in the title of the painting "February Azure."

This canvas at first glance is not much differentfrom him similar, however this opinion is erroneous. It is literally full of rich color solutions. The master was able to depict the depth of simple things by writing a February birch against the sky. The major color rendition and correctly arranged compositional accents made this picture the quintessence of the artist's creativity.

Description of the picture

Painting I.E. Grabar "February sky" appears in front of the viewer in the form of a winter landscape, where against the background of the iridescent sky the snow-covered birch is seen in all its glory. It can be seen that the author wanted to convey the idea of ​​an approaching spring, since the canvas exudes sunlight. Although the composition includes many birches, they all appear before the eye as a single synergetic system, headed by a single dominant tree, in which there is everything. All the branches, like the circulatory system, are connected to each other, it seems that all this is a single tree.

The sky of azure color flickers and is reflected inilluminated snow, giving it a bluish-lilac shade. On the snow under the trees there are traces of thawed patches, narrating about the approach of spring. If you look closely at the branches of the birches, you can see that they are like sun rays coming from the trunks.

Mood of work

Painting I.E. Grabar "February Azure" - one of the best works of the artist. He wrote it in a special enthusiasm and managed to convey the mood of impending happiness. A rich palette of colors was used not to color the canvas, but in order to present the idea to the work.

Looking at this work of art, I want tobelieve that tomorrow will not come a new day, but a new life that will be filled with the same vivid colors. Snow in the picture is like a symbol of the passing day, followed by a spring future.

Reproduction of the painting "February Azure" - a specialmoment for most novice artists who are eager to learn the skill not only to harmoniously apply oil to the canvas, but also to give people hope and happiness. And this is the main task of creative people's activity. To assess the importance of the canvas for the history of Russian art, it should be noted that Grabar, whose paintings in most cases broadcast winter landscapes, has become part of the school curriculum.

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