Group "Girls": composition and repertoire

In the late 90's in the Russian show business sharplythere was a tendency to create youth groups. "Solnikov" few people interested in the producers, and a group of teenagers from several people were in demand by the viewer. By this principle, in the end of 1999, the "Girls" group was formed, the composition of which included four pretty girls with pleasant voices.

Team members

Every Moscow producer on the threshold of a new era,inspired by the popularity of youth groups with world renown, sought to create their own, acting at least within the country. Some managed to do this, others turned into one-day teams, having recorded a maximum of several compositions.

group of girls composition

In 1999, the idea of ​​creating a girl's teamdecided to implement a talented and respected Moscow composer and producer - Igor Matvienko. Of the hundreds of applicants, he chose only four. These were young, light-hearted and very cheerful girls with nice looks and good vocal data. The collective received the name "Girls".

Group Hits

The quartet existed for a very short period andNevertheless I managed to remember the audience several video works. The debut composition was called "I want to be a bird", was performed in a very cheerful manner. The group "Girls", whose composition has only changed once since the creation, immediately won recognition among young people and became quite popular, although music critics did not take this group seriously. And at the presentation of one of the awards, presenter Anatoly Anatolyevich announced them as the most frivolous group.

group Girls composition of Valentina Rubtsova

The next video was more serious, and the video even entered the top ten of the best songs by the version of Muz-TV. "Mom said" showed the girls romantic and vulnerable and came out in 2000.

For two years the group "Girls", whose composition remained the same, performed at festivals, in clubs. Girls worked actively in the studio and recorded their first album.

In 2003, the last video work of the band was released, but already as a trio - "I'm so beautiful today".

The departure of Irina Dubtsova

In 2001 Irina Dubtsova left the group. Producer decided not to look for her replacement. The group continued to function as a trio. Ira began her musical career in her native Volgograd, was a member of the youth team "Jem". His participation in the Moscow group is considered an important stage in his creative career. During this period, Ira settled in Moscow, gained the necessary experience and acquired the necessary connections for 2 years of work in the group.

group Girls composition of Dubtsov

1999-2001 Group "Girls": composition

  • Dubtsova Irina.
  • Gerasimova Tanya.
  • Teterich Lipa.
  • Rubtsov Valya.

As Dubtsova admitted, she went nowhere,just felt that the status of the group had outgrown. For some time, Ira worked at a studio with friends with an advertising manager and backing vocalist. At the same time, she wrote songs, and many of them were performed by famous stars.

Her former companions in the group "Girls", compositionwhich turned into a trio, released Ira in a good way, without having any claims to her. In their few interviews, the remaining vocalists even admitted that they were more comfortable playing the trio. Igor Matvienko also said goodbye to the ward without conflict. During this period he was busy producing the first "Factory", so there was not enough time for his own projects.

2001-2003 Group "Girls": composition

  • Valentina Rubtsova.
  • Lipa Teterich.
  • Tanya Gerasimova.

In 2003, the first and last album was releasedgroup "Girls" with the playful name "Do not be zhu-zhu", most of the songs were recorded with Ira Dubtsova. The girls continued to work together, but they realized that the team was behind the competitors. As the participants of the project admitted, it was difficult for them to compete with the "Via Groi" and "Arrows". Therefore, having performed at the "Muz-TV" award with one of their best compositions "Islet", the girls decided to part ways and go their own way.

Former members of the group today

Each of the soloists of the "Girls" group is talented,that's why everyone found their calling in this or that niche show-biz. By the way, the composition of the group "Girls" old, consisting of four people, gathered again at the anniversary of his producer.

group composition Girls old

Valya Rubtsova graduated from GITIS and began to appear incomedy series and television shows, as well as participate in theatrical productions. Lipa Teterich is a secular lioness and a successful presenter at MUZ-TV, and Tanya Gerasimova found herself in the media space, for some time she was conducting the "Army Store" program.

The real star fate went to IrinaDubtsova: after leaving the band in 2004, she took part in the "Fabrich-4" by Igor Krutoy and won this show. Now Irina has crowds of fans not only among ordinary spectators, but also in the circles of colleagues in the shop. She showed herself as a talented author-performer and without any protests, deservedly received the first prize.

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