The film "A million ways to lose your head" (2014): the plot, the role, the actors. "A million ways to lose your head" - a comedy western by Seth MacFarlane

The film "One Million Ways to Lose Your Head" (2014)gathered a few Hollywood stars in the frame and became the second full-length director Seth MacFarlane's work. Around what event is the storyline of the picture spinning and how was the western comedy received by the audience?

The creators of the picture, a short story

The film "One Million Ways to Lose Your Head" (2014) is the second full-length work of the American animator, producer and director Seth MacFarlane.

actors have a million ways to lose their head
Seth began his career as a developercartoons. He is the creator of the sitcoms "Griffins" and "American Daddy". A little later, Seth began to try himself in other roles: as a producer, TV presenter, director.

The first full-length comedy MacFarlanewas called "The Third Extra". The main roles in the project were played by Mila Kunis and Mark Wahlberg. Then there was the project "One Million Ways ...", to which Seth wrote his own script and in which he took the lead.

In the center of the plot of the western "One Million Ways ..."the unsuccessful farmer Albert. The protagonist - a quiet, who is not able to stand up for himself and his girlfriend. That's why he loses his beloved Louise, but soon meets an incredibly effective Anna, completely changing his life and character.

Actors and the role of the movie "A million ways to lose ...". Seth MacFarlane as Albert

Seth from a young age was distinguished by a specific feelinghumor. The director of the school, in which the future actor and director was studying, considered his jokes to be silly. But, nevertheless, created by MacFarlane comedy sitcom "Griffins" became famous all over the world and earned two Emmy awards.

The film "A million ways to lose your head", the mainrole in which went to Charlize Theron and MacFarlane, was the second directing experiment of Seth. This experiment proved to be very successful, because at a cost of 40 thousand dollars it was possible to raise twice as much money.

MacFarlane took the role of a loser, which aftermeeting with the mysterious and eye-popping Anna was literally transformed. Albert's new friend taught him to hold a blow. Soon the farmer had the opportunity to prove his masculinity in practice: Anna's ex-husband came to town with whom Albert will have to fight.

Invited actors: "A million ways to lose your head" and the heroine Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron - one of the most extraordinary actressesHollywood. She has an angelic appearance, but it is not limited to the roles of just beautiful girls. For example, in the movie "Monster" Teron played a serial killer, while in the frame there was not a hint of glamor.

movie million ways to lose your head 2014
An uneasy role went to the actress in the project"Northern country". In this film, Theron played Josie, the woman who first dared to bring a case against sexual harassment at work in a small town. A certain experiment was the project "A million ways to lose your head" (2014).

Actors Liam Neeson and Charlize Theron played in thisthe film of the couple. However, Anna in the performance of Theron for some reason left her husband and went to a small town, where she met Albert's loser. As well as it is necessary to the present woman, Anna has managed even from such soft-bodied guy to make the present man.

Amanda Seyfried in the role of Louise

Seth MacFarlane in the film invited manyeminent actors. "A million ways to lose your head", for example, entered the filmography of the young star Amanda Seyfried. The girl got the role of Louise - the beloved Albert, who left him.

million ways to lose your head 2014 actors
By the way, Amanda began to flash on the screens as early as 11 years. Her first roles were in the series "All My Children" and "While the World Is Rotating". Seyfried also worked as a model until she was 17 years old.

Amanda was lucky to immediately get a major role incomedy "Mean Girls", where the aspiring actress lit up with Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams. Seyfried's position in Hollywood has been strengthened in projects such as Mamma Mia, where she starred with Meryl Streep, and Alfa Dog, where Seyfried became Timberlake.

Amanda mostly uses the image of a modest andshy girl. She is not addicted to Selfie, she does not have high-profile novels in her money box, and she spends her free time on her ranch, where she has thoroughbred horses.

Liam Neeson in the role of Clinch

Briton Liam Neeson is also inclined toexperiments, however, like other Hollywood actors. "A million ways to lose your head" - almost the only film with the participation of Neeson, which is filmed in the genre of comedy. Usually the artist chooses more dramatic projects.

actors and film roles million ways to lose
For the first time the success to the artist came in 1993., when he played a major role in Spielberg's "Schindler's List". The hero of Nison had a real prototype - it was a German businessman who used his fortune to save the Jews from the Holocaust.

The next time Nison was talking about when heappeared in the image of Qui-Gon Jinn in the "Star Wars". In the filmography of the Hollywood star, such tapes as "Gangs of New York", "Batman: Beginning", "Hostage" and "Battle of the Titans" also appear.

In the comedy of Seth McFarlane, the eminent actor played the bandit of Klinche of Leatherwood - Anna's husband.

Other performers of roles

What other actors were involved in the project? "A million ways to lose your head" - the tape in which Giovanni Ribizi appeared. He began his career in series like "X-Files". He also played Frank Buffett, Jr. in the sitcom Friends, and was the role of physician Irwin Wade in the drama "Saving Private Ryan."

film million ways to lose head
Neil Patrick Harris, the star of the series "How I Met Your Mother," in the film, MacFarlane got the role of Fod. In addition, the actor participated in the Smurfs and the thriller "The Disappeared".

The role of Ruth went to Sarah Silverman - satirist and actress of stand-up comedy. In the filmography of Sarah, the projects "Muppet" and "Loves / Dislikes" are listed.

Bill Mar played the lead party. Mar is quite a versatile figure: he combines acting, the work of a critic and writer.

Also in the project you can see Wes Studi ("Dancing with wolves"), Iven Jones ("8 Mile"), Rex Lynn ("Dzhango the Liberated") and Christopher Lloyd ("Back to the Future").

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