Natalie, the singer: the biography of a talented person

natali singer biography

What do you know about Natalie? The singer, whose biography characterizes her as a versatile and creative personality, puts her family first in her life. Only then there is a career and realization in show business. What else is interesting about the life of a scene star?

Natalie (the singer). Biography: youth

The future singer was born in the city of DzerzhinskNizhny Novgorod region in 1974. Since childhood, Natasha was an active and talented child. Her school days at school could not be called gray. She stood out among her peers, demonstrated her "I" and was the leader of the companies. Little Natasha participated in all school concerts, theatrical productions and other events. Among other things, a girl in her teens began to write poetry and songs. The future star of the Russian stage never seriously thought about the musical career, did not engage in this art professionally. The girl wanted to enter a pedagogical college and work as a teacher. Nevertheless, the future singer Natalie, a biography, whose photo is now interested in millions of fans, was close to the world of music. She was attracted by creativity. After graduating from the pedagogical school and sampling herself as a primary school teacher, Natalie decided that this was not her path, and she left for Moscow.

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Natalie (the singer). Biography: the beginning of a career

In the capital, her path was not easy. After a while, producer Valery Ivanov draws attention to her. Thanks to him began the career of singer Natalie. The first songs and albums of the girl did not get proper fame, but after the hit "Wind from the sea blew", the whole country started talking about her. All-people love fell upon the young singer like an avalanche. Natalie could not have dreamed that one day her songs would sound on the radio and on television! Her cute and fervent compositions knew by heart, both adults and children. The army of fans increased in geometric progression after the release of each new hit. Natalie (the singer), whose biography was already curious enough, successfully toured and collected full rooms in each of the cities.

Until the early 00's Natalie worked successfully, went withconcerts, recorded clips and songs. Her album "The Wind from the Sea blew", released in 1997, broke all sales records. In 2000, the singer released the song "Turtle" and soon left the stage, devoting herself to the family and the child.

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Singer Natalie. Biography. Personal life

In the years of the first wave of her popularity about personalthe life of the singer was known little. Recently, in one of the television programs, Natalie told the public in detail how difficult it was to combine career and personal life. She got married when she was 17 and for 22 years she is happy in the tank with her husband Alexander, who is slightly older than her. It so happened that successful in the work of Natalie for a long time could not give birth to a child. All her pregnancies ended in miscarriages. The long-awaited son she literally begged the saints. For 9 years the couple dreamed of a child, and God rewarded them. After the birth of the child, the singer left the stage for a while. Later the second heir was born.

Now Natalie is again at the peak of popularity. Her song "Oh my God, what a man" became a hit of 2013. Now the singer successfully tours, participates in concerts and records new hits.

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