Portman Natalie. Biography of the actress.

Portman Natalie. Biography
Natalie Portman is a beautiful girl, a talented actress, screenwriter and producer. It's about this popular Hollywood star that we'll talk about in this article.

Portman Natalie. Biography. Childhood

The girl was born in 1981 on June 9 in Israel infamily of an American woman and a medic from Jerusalem. When the girl was 4 years old, her parents decided to move to the US. Some time in search of normal living conditions the family of Portman had to poke around the country and eventually settle in New York. It was there that Natalie spent her childhood. Already at a young age the girl was quite an independent person, engaged in dancing and gravitated toward new knowledge. For today Natalie Portman knows several languages, including French, Arabic, Japanese and German. In 2004 she entered the Jewish Institute in the city of Jerusalem.

Portman Natalie. Biography. Carier start

His first role in the film "Leon", where she was to play with the famous Jean Reno, the girl received spontaneously. After the film is released on a wide screen

Natalie Portman. Filmography.
Portman immediately received the highest marks fromfilm critics and it was then realized that she wants to grow up and become an actress. Proposals to play in this or that film was more than enough, but Natalie was always very picky and agreed only on some of them.

Portman Natalie. Biography. Ascension to Olympus

The next film in which, starred Portman,became the tape "Beautiful girls", where together with her played the popular Hollywood stars, as in the movie "They say that I love you." The girl met with actresses like Drew Barrymore and Julia Roberts. In 1998, Natalie decides to try herself on the stage of the theater and takes part in the production of "Anne Frank Diary" on Broadway. At the same time, she is invited to the famous science fiction film "Star Wars", which finally cemented the young actress in Hollywood.

Natalie Portman. Filmography

The actress is removed in the continuation of the star epic(2002 and 2005). In 2005, there is also a film called "V - means vendetta", for the filming of which Portman cut his hair nalyso. 2010 - the year of the release of the film "The Black Swan". In 2011 and 2013, Natalie plays one of the main roles in the films "Thor" and "Thor 2".

Portman Natalie. Biography. Personal life

Before filming in the movie "Black Swan", the actress had short-lived novels with the soloist of the group Maroon 5 Jake Gyllenhaal, as well as Gabriel Garcia and Devedidro

Natalie Portman (biography
Banhart. During the hard work on the film, she meets her future husband and the father of her child - choreographer Benjamin Milpieu. In 2011 they become parents, and in a year they play a wedding.

Some facts from the life of Natalie Portman (biography of the actress we reviewed earlier):

  • Natalie's mom is her agent.
  • From the age of 8, the actress does not eat meat.
  • The real name is Portman - Hershlag, and as a pseudonym she took the name of her grandmother.
  • Natalie received an Oscar for her role in the film Black Swan.
  • The actress is engaged in charity and even developed so-called microcredits, which help women from the third world to open their business.
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