John Hannah (John Hannah): Filmography, photo

John Hannah is a famous Scottish movie actor andtheater. During his career, he managed to get several nominations and prestigious awards, as well as become famous throughout the world, thanks to his work in the popular film "The Mummy" and the no less famous "Spartak" series.

John Hannah: biography and general data

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The future famous actor was born in Scotland, ina small town of East Kilbride, which is located near Glasgow. By the way, he was the third child in the family - the actor has two older sisters. The date of his birth is April 23, 1962.

At that time, the mother of future actor Susan workedcleaner in a large supermarket, and my father was a mechanic. John Hannah was born in a poor family, and therefore received a special education and decided to become an electrical engineer. By the way, his intentions were solid - he worked as an electrician for four years.

First Career Steps

Undoubtedly, John Hannah was good at mastering themprofession. But much more fascinated by his theatrical skill. For example, he regularly took part in amateur productions, joining the East Kilbride Theater Circle.

This his enthusiasm did not go unnoticedfriends. And his mentor advised the young electrician to enter the Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. John Hannah himself often said that this was a turning point in his entire life. The poor son of a locksmith never thought that he could get a higher education or, especially, become an actor. Imagine his surprise when he was admitted to the academy after the first entrance examinations.

The young man studied well and studied diligentlyall the subtleties of scenic skill. After graduation, he was known in theater circles - he often took part in various plays, as well as appeared in television programs and short films.

The film "Four weddings and one funeral" and the rapid development of a career

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In 1994, the screens went pretty successfula romantic comedy called "Four Weddings and a Funeral," where Hugh Grant played a shy guy who sees his girlfriend only at weddings and funerals, not daring to approach her.

Actor John Hannah played a very smallthe role of Matthew, who at a funeral read one of Wysten's poems Hugh Auden. This was the first appearance of the actor on the big screen. It was this small episode that became for him a pass into the world of the film industry.

John Hannah: Filmography

In 1995, several screens appeared at onceprojects where the actor worked. In particular, he received a role in the film "Madagascar Skin". Here he excellently played the shy gay Harry with a big ugly birthmark on his face - an intelligent, touching and intelligent guy fell in love with the audience. In the same year John Hannah got a role in the thriller "The Dream of the Innocents", which demonstrated all the charms of the life of the London "bottom".

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In 1998, he played James Hammerton in the romantic drama "Watch out, the doors are closing!". By the way, here his partner on the film was Gwyneth Paltrow.

Then there were other movies. John Hannah in 1999 starred in the role of Terry Swinton in the historical drama "Hurricane", which tells about the life of African-American boxer Rubin Carter. In the same year, a thriller "Violator" appeared on the screens, where the actor got the role of Charles, a friend of the main characters.

In the same year, the premiere was incrediblea popular mystical, adventure film "The Mummy". Here John Hanna (photo is in the article) played the roguish, frivolous and eternally drunken brother of the protagonist - Jonathan, who at every opportunity tries to steal some ancient relic. The picture became so popular that in 2001 the sequel "The Mummy Returns" was withdrawn. And in 2008, there was a third part called "Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor". By the way, many fans of the movie believe that it was John Hannah who brought a bit of humor to the plot. By the way, the actor himself claims that he was trying to be serious.

In 2000, a criminal thriller appeared on the screen"Circus", where he played the killer Leo. In 2002, the screen was released mystical triloger "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," where the actor was able to convincingly play both the respectable Henry Jekyll, and the eerie, demonic Mr. Hyde. In 2004, the actor also starred in one of the series of the popular British television series "Miss Marple Agatha Christie".

In 2007, the actor got the role of Nestor inthe famous feature film "The Last Legion". He also played the French psychiatrist Dr. Gerard in the series "Poirot Agatha Christie". In 2012, John Hannah appeared again on the screen - this time he played Richard Ford in the drama "Words". He also received a small role in the popular interpretation of the Sherlock Holmes story "Elementary."

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The role of Batiatus and world recognition

Undoubtedly, by the time John Hannaagreed to participate in the new series from the channel Starz, he was already quite popular - films and plays with his participation enjoyed immense popularity, and John himself was known as an artist who easily and naturally gives reincarnations to any images.

Nevertheless, the role of Quintus Lentulus Batiata inthe historical series "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" brought him worldwide recognition. Here John Hannah appeared in the image of an extremely ambitious and cunning villain, trying to break up, standing up and plaiting intrigues. And, despite the fact that Batiatus is a character, rather negative, he managed to find a whole army of admirers.

By the way, the series itself already at the time of the firstepisode gathered at the screens of several hundred thousand spectators. And, despite the criticism of the project for the abundance of blood, obscene vocabulary and erotic scenes, as well as some inconsistency with historical facts, the series "Spartacus" became one of the most famous and beloved by the public, as well as its actors.

The personal life of the actor

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In fact, about the personal life of this actornot so much is known. Even while studying and working in the theater, actor John Hannah met Joanna Roth. For several years the young people met, and at the end of January 1996 their wedding took place.

In February 2004, the star couple had twins - a boy named Gabriel, and the girl Astrid. By the way, the couple worked together on some films.

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