How to draw Princess Disney: step by step instructions

You saw how beautifully paintedpencils of Princess Disney? Maybe you want to try to create a similar drawing yourself? Then let's find out how to draw Princess Disney. So, let's get started.

Sleeping Beauty

First, draw an oval shape of the face withpronounced pointed chin. Then draw a bang, eyes, nose and smile. The next step of the lesson is "How to draw a Disney Princess" is a more detailed depiction of the face. Draw eyebrows, pupils, squirrels and folds near the eyes. We add the main attribute of the princess - the crown. We finish the hairstyle - and our Aurora is ready. It remains only to paint beautifully.

how to draw a princess disney


Next in the lesson "How to draw a princessDisney "we will learn to portray Cinderella. To begin with, we will again shape the face, but with a less pronounced chin. In the end, it still turns out pointed, but now due to the increase in the cheeks. We add a bang. Now draw the eyes, eyebrows, lips and nose. Finish drawing with hair and earrings. Colorize. The drawing is ready.

painted princess disney pencil

Snow White

This girl in our lesson "How to drawPrincess Disney "will be the most cheeky. Therefore, for the basis of her face, we draw the most round billet. Again, draw eyes, nose, eyebrows and a smile. We finish the hairstyle and the rim with a nice bow. Draw all this beauty. Snow White is ready.

how to draw a princess disney

How about drawing some princess in full growth?


As before, the drawing must begin with a sketchoutlines of face, arms and torso. Now clearly draw lines of the face, eyes, nose, eyebrows and mouth. Further, we specify the shape of the arms and chest. Draw the top of the dress and necklace. We finish the skirt. Now draw beautifully developing in the wind hair. It remains to draw only the legs and decorate.

how to draw a princess disney


And again we start by outlining the contourshead, body and skirt. Now outline the shape of the face, draw the eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows. Add a hairstyle, draw your hands. Let's move on to creating a dress. Draw outlines and carefully draw all the details. Draw - and our beauty is ready.

how to draw a princess disney


Perhaps you already remember where to start? That's right, from the outline. This time, outline the contours of the costume, head, hands and hair. And then everything is as usual. Clearly draw the shape of the face, eyes, lips, eyebrows, nose. We add beautiful hair. Draw a suit and decorate it. Draw beautiful hands and shoes.

how to draw a princess disney

Well, what about the crown? We paint our beautiful drawing. and everything is ready.

Knowing how to draw Princess Disney, you can do a lot of wonderful works.

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