Biography of Sergei Martynov - tragedy and happy moments

biography of Sergey Martynov
Surprisingly, the life of the living andLiving people learn something is very problematic. All the details about the existence of this or that person emerge, as a rule, after his death. Here's the biography of Sergei Martynov does not contain any detailed information about his childhood, youth and other details of life. At least to find this information is quite problematic - unless you ask him. The basic information revolves around your personal life. But something you can still say.

Very brief biography of Sergei Martynov

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Well... The Soviet and Russian actor and filmmaker was born on January 25, 1952 in the village of Aleksandrovka, Rostov Region. He entered the VGIK (All-Union State Institute of Cinematography) and graduated in 1973. He was married twice. Tatyana - the first woman Sergey Martynov chose to marry (the biography is silent about the details of their life), having broken off relations with the actor, went to live in London, taking with herself the common children - Anastasia and Sergei, than forced Sergey to be torn between work and dates with loved ones children. Soon after that, Tatyana died there because of a medical error (details of this incident are not known). The second (and the last to date) Sergey's wife was Irina Alferova.

Turns of fate

actor Sergey Martynov biography
If little is known about the first wife of the actor, thenhis second wife has plenty of information. The actor Sergei Martynov, whose biography is as sad as usual, several times communicated with Irina before they broke out what is called a spark. Yes, and this future married couple was on different roads. Irina was twice married. At first it was a diplomat from Bulgaria, from whom Irina had only daughter Xenia left. And after all the idols watched the wonderful marriage of Alferova and Abdulov, and it was hard to believe that this couple could part.

Soon, as the biography of SergeiMartynova, the famous actor and Irina Alferova got a role in the same film, and the novel on the screen was put to life. At this time, Sergei lost his wife, and Alferov experienced a painful and scandalous divorce from Abdulov (either because of constant betrayal on both sides, or because of rumors about them). Then Sergey's wife died, and at the same time Irina's sister died, leaving her young son Sasha. These troubles, which occurred almost simultaneously, even more united the newly-made couple.


Biography of Sergei Martynov about his currentlife does not report anything bad. Unfortunately, the couple was too late to be reunited to have common children, but still live in a large family with a wife. Lovers managed to overcome all difficulties and gave a good upbringing to their other people's children. Although in the children there is no common blood, all the same the spouses of all children like their own. For over twenty years the lovers have been happy together. Well, the kids have grown up and grown stronger. Anastasia and Sergei returned to London and there they organize their lives. Xenia grew up and became an actress, and Alexander is a lawyer, now he works in Moscow. Well, Sergei Martynov and Irina Alferova are still together and did not squander their love for each other, but only multiplied it.

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