Olga Gorovaya - biography and creativity

Many do not like to read books of unknown authorsand completely in vain. Samizdat is a place where you can find a book for yourself and get acquainted with new writers. Olga Gorovaya is the author of popular romance novels. It will appeal to all fans of this genre.

How many novels have gone out to date

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On the websites of samizdat, you can find 29 novels. The author Olga Olga places them on almost all popular portals. All of them are read by fans not once, and they deserve high marks. Unlike many other writers, Olga made her books accessible, so they gained high popularity.

Her audience is women of different ages who know what love is and share a quivering attitude to this feeling.

A great advantage is that OlgaGorovaya writes that she is most interested. Therefore, you can put it on one level with the famous authors working in the genre of a love story. Most books do not belong to any series, but there are several novels that have a common storyline. In total, there are five series opened today:

  • "Demons";
  • "Friends";
  • "Coffee house";
  • "Love in the format of market relations";
  • A trilogy about vampires.

The most refined novels are collected in a series"Coffee house". She likes those who love classic love affairs, where the characters are in love and happy. Perfectly this series is suitable for raising mood and easy leisure.

Where to find works

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As we mentioned above, almost all novelsOlga Gorovaya posted on the Internet. You can download them to your tablet or smartphone from popular digital libraries. This opportunity will appeal to those who do not like to read books online from laptop screens and other devices.

If you have time to read everything that is laid out onsuch portals, it is worthwhile to refer to the sites for novice authors. Here you can find the latest works, often unfinished. Read them in most cases have to be online, but for the sake of such an author as Olga Gorovaya, it is worthwhile to suffer inconvenience.

Reviews of novels

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Before reading about the works, youYou can read on numerous portals numerous reviews about the creativity of the author. Thanks to the Internet, finding them is not difficult. The greatest number of positive recommendations was collected by the novel "The Burning Passion". Users note that it is very easy and fast to read. Often it can be said that Olga Gorovaya's books help to pass long autumn or winter evenings, since they are perceived almost in one breath.

In general, Olga Gorovaya deserved the mostpositive, can rightly be called the rising star of literature. Perhaps soon we will see her books on the shelves of shops. They are worthy of it, because they are written from the heart. In all the novels, emotions are perfectly conveyed and there are no inaccuracies. The main theme of each novel is love, which is closely intertwined with a mystical, criminal or erotic storyline. Any of the books is balanced and original.

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