The film "The Story of a Vampire": actors

Movies in the style of fantasy - one of the mostdemanded products among viewers. Werewolves, terminators and supermachines have gone into the ranks. In the new millennium, the list of vampires at the head of the list: good, fearless, superstrong, able to love. On one such guy, Hollywood decided to make a film - "The Story of a Vampire". Actors of the film, despite the mass character of the plot, are Hollywood celebrities.


In the center of the film are two ordinary teenagers, forwhich strict parents have already determined the future - college, work, family. Who is interested in such a fate? Durran Shenu has to deal with the fate of an ordinary person, only the inner voice says that he is born for more. Together with his friend Steve the guy goes to the circus show freaks. Seen shocked two schoolchildren so much that they stole from the circus spider - Madame Oktu.

the story of one vampire actors

The magic bug bit on Steve, the guy wason the verge of life and death. To save a best friend, Darren goes to the circus to find the antidote. The main magician, he's a vampire, offers a student a deal - to become his assistant in return for a friend's life. Shen agrees and soon falls into the other world of magic, vampires, zombies and all evil spirits. In fact, the vampire and his friends are not as creepy as they describe books, and Darren will have to master the art of being a vampire.

main characters

The actors in the movie "The Story of a Vampire" are notonly the famous Hollywood celebrities. The main role of the young schoolboy director Paul Weitz selected a little-known actor, almost a beginner - Chris J. Kelly. The director explained his choice by searching for a new face, an unknown actor. Chris before this role played in three series and two feature films. Mostly he played minor roles. When Chris was confirmed for the lead role in Weitz's film, it was clearly a leap in his career.

The actors of the film The Story of a Vampire

The role of Steven's friend Steven played Josh Hutcherson. "The story of a vampire", the actors of which, for the most part, already had a huge experience in filming in the cinema, for Josh became another film that did not bring him the long-awaited recognition. Nevertheless, working with such masters as John Cay Riley, Ken Watanabe, Salma Hayek and others, was an excellent opportunity for him to learn from the masters. Josh had already had more than 20 works in the cinema, some of them were successful, others - failed. Working in this picture brought Mr. Hutcherson experience.

Ken Watanabe is a famous American actor andproducer, starred in 63 films. In the film adaptation of the novel "The Story of a Vampire", the actors and roles of which are of interest to all fans of the picture, he played Mr. Toll, who leads the circus freaks.

John Cay Riley reincarnated as an old vampireMr. Cripsey, who is looking for an assistant and finds him in the face of Shannon. The vampire John played unusual, his image is very comical, he has sarcasm and even compassion.

Secondary Characters

Paul Weitz for the characters of the second plan invitedfamous Hollywood celebrities for the film "The Story of a Vampire." The actors who played the colleagues of the vampire Cripsey are famous and recognized masters of American cinema, such as Salma Hayek, Ray Stevenson, Willem Defoe, Patrick Fugit.

The story of one vampire actors and roles

In combination with the main characters, they made upan excellent and diverse team. Circus freaks in the performance of these actors turned out to be unforgettable. Of course, computer graphics played a significant role in creating images of terrible freaks.

Reviews of viewers and critics

The budget of the film "The Story of a Vampire", actorswhich received very modest royalties, amounted to $ 41 million. During the entire period of rental around the world, the picture was able to raise $ 38 million. Critics, like the audience, very coldly appreciated the efforts of Paul Weitz, denoting the picture as another movie about vampires. Because of the weak storyline "History" called the failed American film experts.

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