Not like everyone else. Creativity and biography of singer LP

Laura Pergolizzy or LP (her stage name) -American singer and songwriter of Italian origin, performing music in the style of pop rock. Completely non-standard, she immediately won the hearts of millions of people, falling in love with lovers of spiritual and sensual music. The creative path and biography of the LP singer turned out to be equally interesting and extraordinary. Little on the stage such unique performers create their own bright musical style.

Childhood and youth

And though with the journalists the biography the singer LPshares not too readily, some information still reaches the press. It is known that Laura was born in 1981 in Long Island in the family of the Neapolitan and Irish Sicilian, who emigrated from Italy to America. Both parents were Catholics and brought up in strict Catholicism. Laura's mother, an opera singer, died quite early, and the father was raising her up. As a child, little Laura was embarrassed to sing and show her voice, so she did it only in the company of someone or when nobody heard her. In 1996, after graduating from high school, she moved to New York, already then having big plans and goals for becoming herself as a singer.

Musical career. Ascent of the star

Immediately after moving to New York, Laura tookalias LP (the first letters of her name) and began her hard way to glory. Concerning the change of name, she replies that her full name seemed to her too pretentious and official. In addition, upon arrival in New York, Laura found a small restaurant, where, strangely enough, she was already a performer of songs with the same name. Then friends, to somehow distinguish two girls, began to call her LP. For a while she performed with the band Lionfish. A little later, in 2001, I recorded my first album Heart Shaped Scar. The album could never see the light, if not for the manager of the group Cracker, who, after hearing the vocals LP, instantly enchanted and invited her to join his group. Later, she recorded another album. But both the first and subsequent albums remained virtually unknown. The public did not accept LP, and the glory did not come. And her hit Lost on you was generally rejected by recording studios.

LP biography of the singer

song's author

Not getting the desired popularity, LP beginsactively advance as an author. She writes songs for such famous performers as Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Cher and others. According to the singer, she could have been engaged in song writing for a long time, but her dream to perform the written ones was stronger and eventually took her own way.

lp singer biography

The song Lost on you. Breakthrough

After speaking at one of the festivals in Italytrack Lost on you instantly blew up all the charts and topped all sorts of ratings in Italy and Greece. And then the bullet exploded in all corners of the world. In Russia, the song was also received with great enthusiasm. As the singer herself jokes: "I wonder what now feels a man who rejected the song that became a world hit many years ago?" The single became a visiting card for LP and was finally appreciated. According to the singer herself, this song is dedicated to her past love - Tamzin Brown. And she talks about the strong feelings she felt for the girl.

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Personal life

About her personal life, as well as about her biography, the singerLP does not say very willingly. But rumors of her non-traditional orientation have been going on since she first started her career. Today she openly declares that she is a lesbian. And in 2011 the press actively discusses her romance with Temzin Brown. But after a few years their relationship ends. At first, LP suffers from lost love, going into creativity, but pretty soon begins to meet with Lauren Ruth Ward. And this summer there were big changes in the biography of the singer LP. The photo she recently posted on her page was signed with joyful news: Lauren made a LP offer of the hand and heart. On which the latter responded positively.

Fans immediately responded to the post andThey began to congratulate the couple with the engagement that took place in Paris. She demonstrates her freedom-loving lifestyle on her page in Instagram, where she places details of her biography and photo of her personal life. Children singer LP has not yet planned, and, apparently, she is now quite enough of her beloved and close friends.

singer lp biography personal life

Fashion style

In addition to amazing singing data,pay attention to the extravagant appearance of the singer. LP has been following the same style for many years. Itself characterizes it as androgyny. So, for example, her eternal companion is sunglasses. She explains her love for darkened glasses with comfort and protection from the outside world. Narrative of her biography, the singer LP also admitted that she was delighted with Roy Orbison in her youth, who also made sunglasses part of her image.

Another interesting detail of the style LP isunchanging earrings in the form of a small cross, which she got from Madonna 15 years ago and very fond of. The very style of the singer's clothes is very original. She prefers the male style - strict, but comfortable. Jackets with a man's cut, sewn on a figure, a leather jacket, narrowed dark trousers, rough boots and massive rings in the form of skulls. We can say that this image completely reflects the image of her thinking, biography and the personal life of the singer. Photo LP on the cover of the third album perfectly shows the whole essence of its non-standard image.

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And that certainly distinguishes her from the sleazy divas of the music industry, LP absolutely does not use make-up, making an exception only for filming and her concerts.

Extraordinarily talented, not like anyone else and free as a bird, she deserves to be at the top of the music industry.

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