Group "Raggers": composition and features

The heroes of this material are the "Zhuliki" cover-group. The composition of the group and the features of her work will be described below. The association was established in the southern part of Russia. Being in the shadow of cypresses and hiding from the sun, as well as inhaling the unique Black Sea wind, the collective decided that it will create live music.


The group "Rascals" in the early stages of creativity is notcould decide on the style in which she will play. Some participants were drawn to rock, others were not indifferent to grunge. Found in the team and fans of popular music. Since creativity does not know either compromise or easy ways, the group of "Rascals" faced a choice: to choose a single style or absorb all at once. They followed the path of musical eccentricity. Thus, it was possible to organically combine Dubstep, Twist of the 40's, Prodigy, "Hands Up", "Nirvana" and Michael Krug.

group of crooks

It remained only to create songs, then rehearse them, find areas for future performances and take risks. Native land remains in the past. The musicians put everything they had on the capital.

Features of creativity

The group "Zhuliki" went to Moscow. A day later the musicians have already visited Red Square. And two days later in life their first Moscow concert was held in the capital. Thus began the ascent of our heroes to the heights of musical eccentricity.

group of rogues composition

This team can in many ways be consideredunique. Participants continually improvise. For example, their favorite projects include trombone playing with their feet, a somersault between drum rolls, an exchange of instruments during the performance, dancing with the audience. This team sets the tone and makes any event unforgettable. The group is able to give energy that fills all around. It just pours over the guys. Each performance of musicians becomes even brighter and better. Even if our characters perform well-known compositions, they necessarily create unique arrangements for such songs. Thus, in the sound there is a burning originality.

To their achievements the group refers to the performance inmanor of Kuskovo. There, the musicians played a concert, where the audience was 4,000 people who came from all over the country. The basis of the event was the anniversary of the financial organization, which became the organizer of the concert. "Rascals" covered 32 hectares of the territory of the estate and its guests with loud music and a special energy wave.

The team is continuously experimenting withscenic images. In particular, they recently added fashionable and modern British punk, as well as classic rock. The group successfully performed in Sochi. She also had a creative trip to Minsk, where a qualitative concert of musicians was held. The duration of the performance of our heroes can be from one to five hours.

cover band rogues group composition


You already know how the "Rogue" group was created. Its composition is 5 people. The vocalist and bass player are Dmitry. Nikolai plays drums. Vladimir perfectly controls the guitar. Trumpeter is also called Dmitri. Backing vocals and trombone was taken by Eugene. And all of them together are - a group of "Raggers".

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