The Soviet comedy "Maxim Perepelitsa." Actors and roles

In 1955 the premiere of the comedy "MaximPerepelitsa. "Today, few people remember the actors of this film, except for the performer of the main role - not only the artist, but also the talented director.In the article there is a brief information about the actors of the film" Maxim Perepelitsa ".

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Main character

In the role of Maxim Perepelitsy actor Leonid BykovI remembered for a long time the Soviet audience. In his filmography, by 1955, there were already three works. However, the role of a charming and romantic guy, with all his soul trying to get into the service in the army, has become one of the brightest.

Leonid Bykov was born in 1928. From childhood I dreamed of becoming a pilot. Like many of his peers, he wanted to go to the front. But, fortunately, the war ended before the military age reached Bykov. The future actor graduated from the theatrical institute in Kharkov, and played the first role in cinema in 1952. Then starred in "Tamer Tiger". And in 1955 he performed his first major role - the role of Maxim Perepelitsa. Actor Bykov of acting was not enough to realize his creative potential. He made a film about a representative of the profession, which he dreamed of as a child - about military pilots. But it was much later - in the late 60's.

Lyudmila Sosyura

The actress graduated from the Theater Institute in Kiev. Several years she played on the stage. Performer of the role of the main character's bride in the film "Maxim Perepelitsa" began her career in cinema in 1954, playing in the film "Nazar Stodolya". The comedy in question is the third role in Ludmila Sosyura's filmography. After the release of this picture, she played in the movie many more heroines. But mostly they were secondary roles. Lyudmila Sosyura played in the films "The First Guy", "Keys from the Sky", "Yurkina Dawn", "Born by the Revolution" and many others.

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Nikolay Yakovchenko

The role of the father of the main character in comedy"Maxim Perepelitsa" actor in the troupe of the theater Franco was listed since the early thirties. Yakovchenko played the first role in the film two years before the start of the Second World War. After the war, he became famous. And in the sixties, perhaps, every Soviet spectator knew the name of this actor. "Maxim Perepelitsa" is a comedy in which Nikolay Yakovenko played at the age of 55. And after the role of the blacksmith Kondrat, he performed more than fifty roles in the cinema. Films with his participation: "The Years are Young", "The First Guy", "The Queen of the Gas Station", "Evenings on the Farm near Dikanka", "Track Crosstrees", "Viy".

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Vasily Fushchych

For this actor, the role of the Perepelitsa's friend has becomethe second work in the cinema. A few months before the premiere of the comedy, starring Leonid Bykov, Fushchych played in the film "Mother." True, in the episode. Other films with the participation of this actor - "Keys from Heaven", "Death of the Squadron", "Two Companions Served."

Alexander Borisov

He is an outstanding Soviet theater and cinema actor. In "Maxim Perepelitsa" he played a postman. The first role in the movie Borisov performed in 1937, after which he acted very actively. He played in such films as "Spring troubles", "War and Peace" (as the uncle of the Rostovs), "Green Coach", "Russia is young."

In the comedy "Maxim Perepelitsa" there is aCharacter, as a pensioner Musii. George Vitsin played it. At that time, the actor was not forty. The film also featured Vladimir Efimov, Konstantin Sorokin, Taisiya Litvinenko, Sergei Sibel.

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