Reflex Group: old and new composition

The new millennium has become a springboard forappearance of new stars on the Olympus of the national stage. Young, talented, beautiful and creative broke through thorns to the stars thanks to various competitions and personal projects of producers. And the Refleks group was not an exception.


"If you want to do everything well, do everything yourself" - this isparting words of Alla Pugacheva to all talented and purposeful people who dream to break into the domestic stage. So the creator of the collective "Reflex" Vyacheslav Tyurin acted. Meet the composer, producer, director and just a talented man - Mr. Tyurin, a native of Novosibirsk. In his native city, he met his muse, Irina Yevseyenko, a jazz band singer, better known to a wide audience as Nelson.

composition of the Reflex group of the surname

The couple decided to conquer the capital, and Tyurin createdtogether with Irina her solo project "Diana". But in 1998, a rather popular singer disappeared from the TV screens. Within 12 months, fans could once again contemplate this beautiful woman and a talented vocalist. Irina became the soloist of the new collective.

Three people - this was planned by Vyacheslav Tyurin the composition of the group "Reflex". Old, or rather the first, the collective consisted of two girls and a guy-dancer, the vocalist was Irina Nelson.

Vyacheslav Tyurin not only produces the project: he is his permanent composer, clipmaker and director.

The first composition of the group "Reflex"

In 1999, on the sky of Russian showbizthere were many projects, but not everyone succeeded in winning the viewer's love. The exception is the group "Reflex". The composition of the collective was not unknown: the soloist was the former solo performer Diana, Irina Nelson, back-vocals were assigned to the young singer Olga Kosheleva, and Denis Davidovsky as dancer. In this composition, the group lasted a little more than two years.

In 2002, the producer decides to radically changegroup format. In the team he invites Alena Torganov and DJ Silver. The main soloist remains the face of the band and concurrently the wife of the producer Irina Nelson.

The most successful composition of the group

Replacing most of the team, Tyurin did nothas lost. New faces brought a special drive to the group. In the person of Torganovoy "Reflex" received a weak vocalist, but an excellent choreographer. External factor played an important role: two sexy, sport blondes against the backdrop of the charming Grigory Rozov looked very successful. Not surprisingly, it was this trio that the band "Reflex" became famous for. Composition - Irina Nelson, Alena Torganova, Grigory Rozov (Silver) - became a favorite of millions not only in Russia, but also abroad.

group Reflex composition

Group Hits

According to numerous surveys of the capital's publications andrating agencies, the Reflex group took the third place among the best groups of Russia in the new millennium. Hits of the team repeatedly won prestigious awards and stayed for several weeks on the tops of the charts.

With such compositions as "Dances", "To go crazy", "For the first time", "I love", "It may seem," Non-stop "and dozens of other guys have traveled all over Russia, CIS countries and Europe.

In the group's coin box, such awards as "Ovation", ""Stopud hit", "Bomb of the Year", "Golden Gramophone". In 2006, Nelson and Tyurin were awarded the Order of the Presidium of the Russian Federation with the medal "For Professionalism and Business Reputation".

The wind of change

In 2007, Irina Nelson decided to go into soloswimming. Since that moment the group "Reflex", the composition of which remained constant for five years, began to lose its popularity. A lot of hits were written, several clips were shot, but the former glory was gone.

group composition Reflex old

Tyurin decided to make his group even moreseductive. In place of DJ Silver in the team after the numerous castings came two girls. Needless to say, the composition of the group "Reflex" was very bright. The names of new participants since 2007 are Zhenya Malakhova and Anastasia Studenkina. Beauty Malakhova acted together with Nelson, but in 2007 she finally replaced her as a primary vocalist.

In 2009, Nastya Studenkina decided to put an end tosinging career and devote himself to the family. In the group she was replaced by Elena Maksimova, but two years later she also decided to go solo. In 2011, a new girl appeared in the team - Anna Baston, but the series of withdrawals from "Reflex" did not end.

In 2012, the trio star returned to her old placeIrina Nelson. Group "Reflex", whose composition for five years from 2007-2012 changed several times, regained its former face, reducing the number of participants to two people. Irina Nelson and Alena Torganova again began to please viewers with sensual performances and old hits.

the first group of Reflex

In 2015, the pop group announced the release of its new album "Adult Girls." In the autumn, the producer announced the final release of the long-awaited compositions.

The popularity of the team today is not so great,as it was in 2002-2007, and nevertheless girls continue to tour and regularly appear on the covers of magazines. Today, the duo account for nine studio albums, and their permanent producer regularly replenishes the repertoire with new compositions. Perhaps, soon there will be new hits.

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