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Chris Lemmon is a talented actor, about the existencewhich the audience learned through the series "Thunder in Paradise." In this adventure television project, he brilliantly embodied the image of the former "sea cat" Martin Brubaker. As a child, Chris dreamed of a career as a musician, but fate decreed otherwise. What else can you tell about an American actor?

Chris Lemmon: the beginning of the road

Performer of the role of Martin Brubaker appeared onlight in Los Angeles, it happened in January 1954. Chris Lemmon - comes from a cinematic family, the son of actress Cynthia Stone and actor Jack Lemmon. His father won the Oscar twice, remembered by the audience for the films "12 angry men", "Big race", "In jazz only girls", "Days of wine and roses". He left the family when Chris was still a child, but this did not affect their relationship.

Chris Lemmon

The thought of acting career came to Lemmonfar from immediately. As a child, the boy was fond of music, he played the piano with pleasure. Not surprisingly, after graduation, he decided to continue his education at the California Institute of Arts. However, in the end, he won an interest in the world of theater and cinematography.

First successes

His first roles Chris Lemmon performed ontheatrical stage. Even in his youth, he played in many sensational performances. "Love Letters", "Shay", "Barefoot in the Park" - the most famous of them. However, his successor Jack Lemmon's heir is not obligated at all to theatrical roles.

chris lemon movies

For the first time, Chris was on set in1977 year. The young man was offered a small role in the picture "Airport 77", the star of which was his father. The first experience came to his liking, Lemmon seriously thought about film career. His path to fame, the young man began with filming in long-running television projects. Episodic roles he performed in the series "California Road Patrol", "Quiet Quay", "Too Close", "Going to White Castle", in the TV movie "Mirror, Mirror". He also appeared in the tapes "Just Say You Love Me", "A Happy Prostitute Goes to Hollywood", "As in the Good Old Times".

Film career

In 1981, Chris Lemmon was the first to attractthe attention of viewers. He starred in the horror "Just before dawn," which tells of the misadventures of travelers exploring the mountains. Jonathan, the hero of the actor, is among the fans of extreme tourism. Of course, the company of young people does not expect at all to meet with muscular and ferocious twin brothers, who dream of killing them all with the help of machetes.

Thunder in paradise Chris Lemmon

"From nine to five", "Peresmenka", "Racing"Cannonball" 2 "," Yellow Pages "- for several years after the release of the horror film" Just before dawn, "Lemmon was mainly in episodic roles. In 1986, luck turned again to the actor's face, he played a key character in the comic thriller "Bolivian Air Force". The film tells a story about the stars of cinema, who try to avoid participation in hostilities, using for this the most extravagant methods. To meet again with his father on the set, Chris happened while working on the tapes "Such is life!" And "Papa".

"Thunder in Paradise"

In 1994, the spectator court was representedThe first season of the adventure series "Thunder in Paradise". Chris Lemmon in this television project played one of the key roles, his hero was the fearless and determined Martin Brubaker.

chris lemont through wounds

The series tells the story of the former "seaseals, "who earn their living by performing a variety of secret missions. Many of the tasks that the friends of Martin and Randolph get are risky for life. A means of transportation for a team of two people is the super-fast boat "Thunder". Of course, the ship is equipped with incredible technical devices, which "seals" are constantly used in their work.

The series "Thunder in Paradise" quickly won the fans, and Jack Lemmon's son finally felt the taste of true fame.

Interesting Facts

Actors manage to get far from all roles,which they claim, is no exception and Chris Lemmon. "End-to-end wounds" - a thriller in which he could play, but he was preferred to another challenger.

In recent years, Chris is practically not removed from thecinema, which is partly due to his passion for writing. In 2006, the actor presented his first work A Twist of Lemmon, in which he tells about the life and work of his famous father, who left this world in 2001 at the age of 76, reveals many of his old secrets. Also Lemmon tries his hand as a screenwriter and producer.

Personal life

Chris Lemmon, whose films and biographyare considered in this article, for many years now it has been a lawful marriage. His chosen one was the actress Gina Raymond, on this woman he married back in 1988. The second half of the actor can be seen in the films "Papa", "My stepmother is an alien". The wife gave her husband the sons of Chris and Jonathan and the daughter of Sidney Noel. Most of his time the family spends in Connecticut.

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