Singer Zara: biography of a popular artist

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The singer Zara, whose biography will be described inthis article, became popular after participating in the project "Star Factory". This was the sixth season of the show, where the girl took the place at number three. However, she began to work long before that.

Singer Zara: biography. Childhood

Born Mgoyan Zarifa Pashaevna (that's how it soundsfull name of the girl) in mid-summer 1983 (26.07). It happened in Leningrad, although the singer has eastern roots. The fact is that her family emigrated from Armenia.

No one could even imagine that the little Zarifawill build such a wonderful career. The daughter of the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences and the housewife is a singer? It never occurred to anyone. By the way, in the family, in addition to Zara, there is another daughter (elder) and son (younger). They have nothing to do with art.

In secondary school number 2, that in the city of Otradnoye,the girl met Oleg Kvasha - a popular musician at that time. It was he who became the "culprit" of the fact that Zara had his first songs. These were their joint compositions. Later, both "The Heart of Juliet" and "Today" were quite popular.

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To the new successes the girl also put her handKvasha. So, Zara was at the contest "Morning Star" in 1997 and reached it in the finals. Then there were other contests and festivals, among which was the international one - Let the Children Laugh, where she won the grand prize. Such successes could not go unnoticed. As a result, the girl was only 16 when she released her first album called "Juliet's Heart".

Singer Zara: Biography and Career

The Academy of Theater Arts of the Northern Capitaltook in the number of his students Zara immediately after she said goodbye to the secondary school. By this time the girl was already popular, but only in her native city, because she was the daughter-in-law of the governor Matvienko V.

The twenty-first century began for the artist withparticipation in several performances and filming in the film titled "By the Name of the Baron ...", which, unfortunately, is not very well known. Further in the creative path of the girl there is a pause, after which new films with her participation appear.

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However, the role in the movie - this is not the main vocationZary. Really her element is a scene and music. It's no wonder that today Zara is a singer, whose photos on posters invariably attract the attention of millions of fans. "Star Factory" became a kind of springboard for her career. After the show a creative tandem appeared: producer Victor Drobysh and singer Zara.

The biography of the girl after that was replenished with such events as the release of the new album, tours around the CIS and Russian cities. Her songs more often sounded on the radio and received the approval of listeners.

Now the singer can often be seen on TV as a participant in various TV projects. She sings, starred in the movies and regularly pleases the fans with her appearance on the next show.

Zara (singer): children and husbands

As already mentioned, Zara was married to entrepreneur Sergei Matvienko. However, their union lasted only 1.5 years. What caused the divorce is unknown.

But the girl found her own woman's happiness. Sergei Ivanov became her second husband in 2008. By the way, the politician, to marry the singer, parted with his former wife. Now the couple has two sons: Daniil and Maxim.

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