Olga Ryzhikova: biography, personal life

Bright, young and talented girl from BelarusOlga Ryzhikova managed to win a place in the sun quickly enough and easily. Today, many fields of activity resigned to her: the field of a radio DJ, a TV presenter, a singer, as well as a strong and successful businesswoman.

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Talented child of talented parents

Olga's family can be called exemplary in goodsense of the word. The girl's parents love each other very much, and as you know, nothing else is needed to make the child grow up happy and successful, which was Olga Ryzhikova. Her biography begins with a happy childhood, when Dad was (and still is) a master of all trades. He could independently assemble any furniture, make a simple but very tasty lunch, come up with some fun and interesting action, and my mother was always famous for her culinary delights. Already being retired, Olga's parents have mastered the computer, not wanting to lag behind the new generation. They have their own preferences in music, which surprisingly combine the lyrics of Yuri Antonov and the light rock of "The Ocean of Elsa." Not surprisingly, such a glorious parent has grown up a talented and charming daughter, who today has crowds of admirers and admirers.

olga rozhikova biography

Versatile personality

Olga Ryzhikova is a person who is purposeful andfully developed. Staying in one place and perfecting yourself in one direction is not for her. Working as a television presenter of the morning programs on the Belarusian channels, Olga Ryzhikova tried to realize herself on the radio as a DJ, which she successfully managed. Repeated invitations to conduct an international contest "Slavonic Bazaar", a constant time in the radio - this is only a small part of the achieved by Olga.

Soloist of a popular band

Olga Ryzhikova has a very unusual sonorousand at the same time a gentle voice. Knowing her abilities for music, the girl did not miss her chance and became a soloist of the Belarusian "Da Vinci" group. At a time when the collective was just gaining momentum and getting on its feet, trying to "taste" its own sound, Olga was in the right place at the right time and told the men's half of the team that she would pass this thorny path with them. After listening to the beautiful voice of the girl, the musicians realized that she would halve the way to success. Thus, a popular in Belarus team was formed, which won success with the audience.

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Personal life

The life of young people was filled with a mass of events. Saturated days, shootings, concerts, clips did not let idle time waste. The soloist of the team spent all their time at work, confirming the already won brand "Olga Ryzhikova" on a daily basis. Personal life, of course, also took place in television studios, on shootings and concerts. Very close acquainted and opened in each other a lot of similar qualities Olga and Denis Dudinsky - a participant of Da Vinci, as well as a partner leading on the morning programs on TV channels. Young people saw in each other a lot of those aspects of character that were clear and close to them both, so their pair formed into a perfect tandem. Working together in a television studio, recording tracks, and a constant pastime with each other resulted in a novel that existed for several years.


About eight years have spent together Olga Ryzhikova andDenis Dudinsky. The joint life was already built in full steam, there was a purchase of a car for Olga, many trips were paid from the general budget. Correspondents, journalists and just common acquaintances often asked when they were going to legalize their long-standing relationship, but the young people brushed them off like bothersome flies and did not intend to change anything in their life.

The end of the relationship came afterseven-year milestone, and it became clear that there was nowhere else to move. The couple outlived their feelings for each other, young people began to show up less often in public together, and more with other co-host. And the direct questions of journalists no longer concealed the fact of their parting. "We prefer to leave the reasons for the end of our cohabitation together," said Olga Ryzhikova. "The biography and personal life of each person will remain behind the scenes."

Olga Ryzhikova biography and personal life

New life

After parting with Dudinsky, Olga did not hangnose, but on the contrary, plunged into a new life with a head. She opened an interesting original cafe, which gave all her strength and devoting time. In the role of mistress of a popular institution, Olga looked wonderful. The cafe gradually became popular, and its owner took a step into a new life and now, finally, she could feel herself in the role of wife. Belarusian singer Yuri Vashchuk, acting under the pseudonym Theo, made an offer to the beloved Olga Ryzhikova. The wedding of the young took place in a narrow circle in Minsk. The lovers did not hide their plans, but did not advertise them either. The proposal to the girl Yuri made during a joint holiday in Egypt. A romantic evening, spent on the beach together, ended up wearing a ring finger of Olya ring and her answer to the question whether she would become Jura's wife: "Yes!". Familiar young people have been around for about ten years.

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Common interests, communication in show business, one purposein life rallied the guys, and then there was love. The newlyweds very closely and tenderly concern each other, understand the wishes and aspirations of the other, spend a lot of time together and are engaged in the same business. Among household chores, the couple have many creative ideas and incarnations. The young couple spent their honeymoon in Spain, a country where Olga had never been.

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