Willie Nelson: Biography and Career

Willie Nelson is a famous country singer. He released more than a hundred records, of which ten became multi-platinum. He can be called a real cowboy, since he is a five-time rodeo champion. Nelson was awarded the Texas banner, and even his tour bus became a legendary transport. He is the recipient of the Grammy Award and many other popular awards.


Willie Nelson was born on the thirtieth of April1933 in the US state of Texas, in Abbot. His childhood was far from cloudless. At first his father died, then his mother left them with her sister, giving up to grandfather and grandmother. And Willy worked for ten years in cotton plantations. The first guitar was presented to him in six years.

Willie Nelson


After graduation Willy went to serve in aviation. Then first time he worked as a salesman. I gave lectures in Sunday school. But his main hobby was always songs. Willy married early.

Musical career

First, Willie Nelson participated in schoolensembles. And even created his own with the name Bohemian Fiddlers. But Nelson's serious musical career began in 1956. First, record companies did not take his recordings at all, since the sound was "raw" and unfashionable at the time. Therefore, Willie often gave them to other performers. And some of them later became very popular. For example, "Crazy", "Night Life".

Promotion of his musical career was hindered andbad habits. He smoked marijuana and had a predilection for alcohol. In addition, he also carried weapons without a license. As a result, there were often problems with the law. Tired of this, Nelson went to live in Austin, which was famous as a very democratic city. And it was here that his music acquired an extraordinary sound. She absorbed rock, western-swing, folk-rock and jazz. And Nelson got rid of bad habits and became a follower of a healthy lifestyle. And the morning exercise became his tradition.

вилли нельсон albums

In the early 1970's. they're in. Jennings grew spade-bearded beards and began to wear worn jeans, thereby opposing them to glossy variety jackets of impeccable cut. Nelson was confident that the country style should return to its cowboy origins. Willie, along with Jennings, tried to return to this genre long-lost energy.

When Nelson began to act in film, inmusical career came the period of duets. He recorded one song with H. Iglesias. And together with friends he created the band The Highwaymen, which became super popular. In 1982, in the nomination "Record of the Year", considered very prestigious, Willy Nelson, whose albums were published almost annually, still received a Grammy Award for the new performance of the song "Always on My Mind".

In the early nineties, the tax serviceaccused Willy of tax evasion. And most of Nelson's property left the auction, since his debt was very decent. Willie even recorded a double album at a hurried pace to pay off his debts. As soon as the lawsuits were over, in 1933 he released a duet album with performers of other musical genres.

Willie Nelson discography

Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson - famousperformers in the style of country, and both were awarded the famous Grammy Award. But in the second half of the 1990s, Willy's popularity began to decline rapidly. Partly and because of his struggle for the legalization of marijuana. On one of the TV shows, he to the whole country proudly announced that he was smoking marijuana on the roof of the White House while President D. Carter was hosting a reception. Nelson wanted to attract the attention of youth, and as a result, there was an album with reggae additives.

In 2005, he released the single "Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly", which became scandalous. The name speaks of the secret love of cowboys to each other. And in 2006, Willy returned to the peak of the country charts.

Nelson's Discography

Willie Nelson, whose discography is very extensive, has released many albums:

  • 1966 - Live Country Music Concert;
  • 1967 - "Texas In My Soul", "The Party" s Over ";
  • 1968 - Good Times;
  • 1969 - "My Own Peculiar Way";
  • 1970 - Laying My Burdens Down and Both Sides Now;
  • 1971 - "Willie Nelson And Family", "Words Don" t Fit The Picture ";
  • 1972 - The Willie Way;
  • 1976 - The Sound In Your Mind;
  • 1977 - "To Lefty From Willie";
  • 1979 - Willie Nelson Sings Kristofferson and Pretty Paper;
  • 1981 - "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", "Willie Nelson" s Greatest Hits (And Some That Will Be) ";
  • 1983 - Without A Song;
  • 1985 - "Legend: The Best Of Willie Nelson", "Half Nelson", "Road Songs - Triple Play";
  • 1988 - "What A Wonderful World";
  • 1993 - "Revolutions Of Time ... The Journey 1975-1993" (on three CDs);
  • 1995 - "Super Hits, Vol. 2 ";
  • 1996 - Just One Love;
  • 1997 - "All Of Me" - Willie Nelson Sings The Standards ";
  • 1999 - "Country Willie - His Own Songs", "Stardust", "The Very Best Of Willie Nelson" (on three CDs);
  • 2000 - "Love Songs", "Country Favorites - Willie Nelson Style" and "Red Headed Stranger";
  • 2002 - RCA Country Legends;
  • 2003 - "Willie And Family Live" (on two CDs), "Platinum & Gold Collection", "Tougher Than Leather", "Willie Nelson" s Greatest Hits (& Some That Will Be) "," Always On My Mind " and "Willie Nelson Slipcase" (on five CD-ROMs);
  • 2004 - "Willie Nelson The Collection", "The Troublemaker";
  • 2005 - "The Great American Songbook";
  • 2006 - Songbird;
  • 2007 - "Discover Willie Nelson";
  • 2008 - "There You Are". "Still Is Still Moving To Me."
    dolly parton and Willie Nelson


Since 1979 Willie Nelson periodically acted in films. Almost every year it could be seen on the screen in a new picture, and sometimes one film did not end there. In 1986, 1988, 1997, 2006, 2007 - Every year he starred in two films. The peak of film career fell in 2008. In this year, Nelson starred in five films at once. It is curious that all this time he continued to write music and songs.

Some films from Nelson's career:

  • "Barbarosa" (western of 1982);
  • "Electric rider" (1979 drama);
  • "Honeysuckle" (drama of 1980);
  • "The thief" (adventure thriller of 1981);
  • "Escape from the ice" (drama of 1982);
  • "Stagecoach" (western of 1986);
  • "Palpitation" (military drama of 1987);
  • "Where is the gold?" (Western of 1988);
  • "A trump card pair" (thriller of 1990);
  • "Wind of Wild Texas" (thriller of 1991);
  • "On fishing" (thriller 1997);
  • "Unbaked" (1997 comedy);
  • "Dodgy" (drama of 1997);
  • "Belated payback" (western of 1999);
  • "Dill Scallion" (1999 comedy);
  • "The Wanderer" (western 2001);
  • "Village Bears" (comedy of 2002);
  • "The Big Theft" (comedy of 2004);
  • "Assholes from Hazzard" (comedy in 2005);
  • "Beer boom" (comedy in 2006);
  • "The destroyed bridges" (drama of 2006);
  • "Invulnerable" (the militant of 2007);
  • "Blonde with ambitions" (comedy of 2007);
  • "On a sober head" (comedy of 2008);
  • "Beer to my horses" (comedy of 2008);
  • "Get a job" (comedy in 2011);
  • "One lucky moon" (comedy of 2014);
  • "Exemplary moment" (a comedy of 2016).
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