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Sarah Jessica Parker is famousAmerican actress and producer. Fame came to her after her performance of the main role in the cult series called "Sex and the City." She played the writer Carrie Bradshaw. The actress was awarded four times with the Golden Globe Award, twice with the Emmy Award and three times with the Guild of Actors Award for the role of Carrie.

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Biography. Sarah Jessica Parker. Childhood actresses

Born future actress in Nelsonville StateOhio in the spring of 1965. Her mother, Barbara Keck, worked as a kindergarten teacher, and the father, whose name was Stephen Parker, was engaged in journalism. After her parents divorced, the girl began to live with her mother, stepfather and seven more brothers and sisters.

As a child, Sarah was engaged in ballet and vocals. She also took part in productions on Broadway. After moving the family to the suburbs of New York, the girl began to go on acting courses.

sara jessica parker biography
Creative way

From this moment began her creative biography. Sarah Jessica Parker won her first role in television in 1982. Four years later she appeared in the Disney project called "Navigator's Flight".

Since the 90s, her career has skyrocketedgaining momentum. She first starred in a romantic comedy called Los Angeles History, a mystical comedy called Focus Hocus, a movie called The Honeymoon in Las Vegas and many others.

Darren Star, who is the producer of the seriesunder the name "Sex and the City", very much hoped that it was Sarah Jessica who would play the writer, that's why she was the first who read the script. For a while the actress doubted, but in the end she still agreed. As it turns out later, this role will bring her so many cinematographic awards.

Later, 2 full-length films were filmed, which served as a continuation of the cult series. The first of them was rolled out in 2008, the second - two years after that.

Fashion and advertising

In addition to building an acting career, thisan extraordinary woman has many other interests. Her biography also tells about this. Sarah Jessica Parker has become the face of many advertising companies and famous brands. In 2005, she released a line of her perfume called "Lovely." And two years later, and a clothing line called "Bitten", which struck her fans.

Personal life

What else interesting from Sarah's life can tell a biography? Sarah Jessica Parker is not only a talented actress, producer, star of advertising and fashion shows, she is still a loving wife and mother.

For seven years since 1991, Sarah had had an affair with Robert Downey Jr., but the couple broke up because of the actor's addiction to drugs.

In 1997, she formally formalized relations withan actor named Matthew Broderick. The couple met during the premiere of a performance in the theater. In October 2002, they had a son named James Wilkie Broderick, and in June 2009 they became the parents of twins, Tabitha Hodge and Marion-Loretta-Elwell, whom they had a surrogate mother.

Now the whole family lives in New York, and the rest goes to Ireland, to a village in the county of Donegal.

sara jessica parker biography growth

To all the rest we can add that Sarahis one of the members of the political committee in Hollywood. In 2006, she went as Goodwill Ambassador to Liberia. The actress represents UNICEF in the field of art.

In 2011 she first visited Moscow as part of a world tour to promote the film "I do not know how she does it." The actress starred in it as the main character.

You can easily understand how talented and versatile the actress named Sarah Jessica Parker, whose biography is the best confirmation of this. And finally, several facts in figures.

Sarah Jessica Parker. Biography. Growth. The weight

The height of the actress is 160 cm. Her weight is 48 kg.

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