James Phelps - British actor, known for the Harry Potter films

James Phelps (full name James Andrew EricPhelps), a British actor, was born on February 25, 1986 in London. He is the twin brother of Oliver Phelps, the difference in the time of the birth of the brothers is 13 minutes. Both twins participate in the screen versions of Joan Rowling's books about Harry Potter, where James plays the role of Fred, and Oliver George Weasley. In a close circle, as well as among the fans, James Phelps is called Gee.

James Phelps

Study and future plans

James and Oliver Phelps support closerelations, hobbies are the same, the circle of interests is also common - one for two. James leads an active lifestyle, he is sociable, friendly in character. He is a great sports fan, especially fond of football and golf. Combines filming in film with studying in college, and before that attended elementary school Little Sutton and high school Arthur Terry. After graduation, James Phelps is going to continue his acting career and achieve certain results in this field. Dreams someday play a villain in the Bond, or even James Bond himself. Constantly lives in London.

Personal life, hobbies and preferences

James Phelps, whose personal life does not differvariety, not yet married, and as far as we know, he does not even have a bride. This is the case with particularly gifted people who dedicate their lives to either scientific work or creativity in the field of art. And in both cases of time they do not have a personal life.

The James family is father Martin Phelps, mother Susan Phelps, twin brother Oliver and two collie sheepdogs, Rupert and Even.

James and Oliver Phelps

What does James Phelps like?

James's preferences are multifaceted:

  • Music - Bon Jovi, Queen, Coldplay, Guns "n" Roses, Muse, Red Hot Chili Pepper ", Foo Fighters, Metallica, Velvet Revolver, Green Day, Led Zeppelin.
  • Favorite songs - "By The Way", "Under The Bridge" performed by Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bounce, "Wanted Dead Or Alive", "Livin" On a Prayer "," Everyday "performed by Bon Jovi.
  • He prefers blue.
  • Preferences in TV - "The Simpsons" and "Futurama".
  • Favorite movies - "Gilmore the Lucky" and "Forest Gump".
  • The handbook is "Prisoner of Azkaban".
  • Favorite film about Harry Potter - "The Cup of Fire."
  • Preferences in food - strawberry desserts, chips and fish in any form.
  • Of animals, he especially likes dogs, horses and birds.
  • Is a fan of the football team Birmingham.

The main interests in life are golf, rock music, Playstation and acting.

James Phelps filmography

"Harry Potter"

In 2000, thanks to the efforts of Susan's motherPhelps, fourteen-year-old James Phelps, along with his brother Oliver, got on the project "Harry Potter". At first, the boys had to go to audition in the city of Leeds, 200 miles from their home to show what they are capable of. Then an invitation was received by mail to take part in the shootings. They got the roles of the same twin brothers as they were - the characters of George and Fred Weasley. It so happened that the characters of Joanne Rowling grew up together with the entire film crew, engaged in the adaptation of the adventures of Harry Potter and his friends. James and Oliver Phelps with each passing year grew up exactly for a year, and their characters George and Fred named Weasley did not lag behind the performers of roles.

Oliver and James starred in all parts of the seriesabout Harry Potter, and in 2008 they were invited to the film "Peter King will never leave you." This series is the most radically different from the Harry Potter films, made in the genre of fantasy. The plot of Peter Kingdome was much closer to real life.

How can you distinguish between twin brothers?

The external data of James Phelps correspondthe classic type of Londoner-Englishman: a special reddiness, small freckles, light brown eyes. He has a high growth (1 m 95 cm), likes extravagance in clothes, wears bracelets, beads, chains, but James's "hippies" can not be called, all in moderation. The similarity with Oliver is striking, but nevertheless the twins can be distinguished by several features. First of all, these are a few large birthmarks, Oliver has a neck, and James has a face. The brothers have different smiles, Oliver smiles openly, James is shy. Recently, the complexion of James has acquired the outlines of the beginning fullness, and Oliver remains thin and fit.

James Phelps Personal life


James Phelps, whose filmography includes 8 episodes of Harry Potter, the motion picture "Peter King will never leave you" and "Hamlet", began filming in 2001:

  • In 2001 - "The Philosopher's Stone", directed by Chris Columbus / Fred Weasley.
  • In 2002 - "The Secret Chamber", directed by Chris Columbus / Fred Weasley.
  • In 2004 - "Prisoner of Azkaban", directed by Alfonso Cuaron / Fred Weasley.
  • In 2005, the "Cup of Fire", directed by Mike Newell / Fabian Pruett and Fred Weasley.
  • In 2007, the Order of the Phoenix, directed by David Yeats / Fred Weasley.
  • In 2008, "Peter King will never leave you," directed by Simon Wheeler / Anderson.
  • In 2009, "The Half-Blood Prince," directed by David Yeats / Fred Weasley.
  • In 2010 - "Deathly Hallows 1", directed by David Yeats / Fred Weasley.
  • In 2011 - "Deathly Hallows 2", directed by David Yeats / Fred Weasley.


In the film "Hamlet", after the play of William Shakespeare, James Phelps played Guildenstern, one of Hamlet's friends. The role of Rosenkrantz, Hamlet's second friend, was played by Oliver Phelps.

At present, the Phelps brothers are waiting for the next series about Harry Potter. The closest film is to be "Harry Potter and the Further Destiny".

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