The best French comedies: masterpieces for all time

Do you like comedies? Certainly! After all, they are called to raise the mood, which is so sometimes lacking. Some of the funniest are French comedies. A list of the best films with a brief description will be given below. We will not talk about new products, but about the real classics of the genre.

The best French comedies

best french comedies

The film-maker Richard-Depardieu makes you laugh alreadynot one generation of spectators. Together, they starred in several comedies. "Unlucky" (1981) is the most famous of them. The daughter of the president of a large company is kidnapped. This business is engaged in Campana - a professional private detective. However, the search does not work. And then the staff psychologist of the company invites him to work in tandem with Perrin - a funny clumsy bookkeeper.

"Papa" is a film that was released two years later. The story of how the mother of the missing Tristan asks for help from two alleged fathers, whom she met at the same time in her youth.

In 1986, another picture appeared with the participation ofDepardieu and Richard. When they say about the best French comedies, it is always mentioned. "Fugitives" - a story about the father of a dumb girl who, in despair, decided to rob a bank. At the scene of the crime, he takes as hostage only a person released from prison. After a while, Luke becomes attached to Pignon and his daughter Jeanne and helps them hide from the police.

French comedy list of the best

Many of the best French comedies are associatedwith the name of Louis de Funes. This actor became famous for the image of an indefatigable funny man. So, in the film "Fantômas" in 1964 (and several other parts of this picture), he played the commissioner Juve, trying to catch a brilliant criminal "without a face."

In 1965 the film "Razinya" was released. The head of one of the criminal gangs Saroyan gives Antoine Mareschal a luxury convertible as compensation for the car that was injured in the accident. However, not everything is so good and simple: the constituent parts of this car are drugs, gold and expensive Yukunkun diamond, which must be transported to another country.

In the same year, the "Great Race" was withdrawn. This is a story about the adventures of English pilots, as well as about the French, helping them escape from the Germans. The time of action is World War II, however in the film there is not a drop of seriousness.

Among the famous paintings can also be distinguished:

  • "A toy";
  • "The tall blond in black shoe";
  • "The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob";
  • "Frozen";
  • "The wing or the leg";
  • "A puncture umbrella" and others.

best french comedy films

Among the more modern paintings are the best Frenchcomedy also is. For example, the movie "Taxi" in 1998 - a story about a driver named Daniel. He is a young man who can only ride at a speed of at least 100 km / h. The police do not like it very much, but one day they ask him for help: you need to catch a gang of robbers at the Mercedes.

"Amelie" is a comedy with notes of romance. A young girl who adores simple life miracles, helps other people to find their happiness. However, when it's time to meet with your own love, funny situations begin.

Only the most famous and beloved by the spectators are listed. In any case, one thing is clear: the best French films - comedies, melodramas and dramas will always appeal to viewers.

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