Irina Pivovarova: biography of a children's writer

Irina Pivovarova, whose biography arouses sincere interest among many, is a famous children's writer, whose good and cheerful works have brought up more than one generation of children.

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On the pages of this talented author's books there is always a cheerful laugh, a fun game, funny songs - factors without which a happy childhood is simply unthinkable.

Irina Pivovarova: biography for children

Irina - born in Moscow, born 3March 1939. Her father worked as a doctor and always dreamed of a medical career for her daughter. She was also interested in creativity, so she became a student of the Moscow textile institute, enrolling in the Faculty of Applied Art. At the end of the school, the girl worked for several years as a costume designer at the Mosfilm studios. Her talent was appreciated by her colleagues, and Irina Pivovarova, whose biography will turn into a literary channel, enjoyed the reputation of a remarkable artist. At the studio, the girl met Victor Pivovarov - his future wife.

Return to childhood

The newly formed family made a significant contribution to thechildren's fiction: Irina suddenly for herself and others began to write works for young readers, and Victor drew illustrations to them. At first, the stories of the young writer were published in small, little-known magazines.

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Only after the publication of poems in the famous "Funny Pictures" Irina Pivovarova, whose biography is positive, like the author's works, became famous.

Works by Irina Pivovarova

Stories, novels and poems by Irina PivovarovaThey enjoyed tremendous popularity among children of the generation of the 1960s, the 1970s, and the 1980s. Psychologically correct, infectiously humorous, original and original "Stories of Lucy Sinitsyna, pupils of the third grade", stories "The Old Man in Checked Trousers", "The Stories of Pavlik Pomidorov, Lucy Sinitsyna's Brother", "Once Katya with Manechka," "Three with a Minus, or The incident in the 5 "A" "contributed to the children's literature" girlish "style of writing, language and point of view, which are different from those of Viktor Dragoon and Nikolai Nosov.

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Favorite heroine of Irina Mikhailovna - funnyCouples: Sisters Manya and Katya Frying pies, girlfriends Lusia Kositsyn and Lusia Sinitsyn, who are in a constant state of attraction-repulsion. From the pen Irina Pivovarova also published a collection of poems "School window", illustrations to which were made by the writer herself. In it various subjects began to speak in various voices, making up the atmosphere of school life: Table, Blotter, Penal, Mel, Eraser, Ring. Having crowded home toys, these subjects have firmly entered the life of the pupil of lower grades (One White Horse, Giraffe and Glasses).

Educational motives in the stories of Irina Pivovarova

Irina Pivovarova, biography, photo of whichcause the interest of the younger generation, loved to write poetry, considering it a very interesting activity: the rhymed lines are obtained in a state of joyful excitement, festivity, some elation. Children's poem - it's certainly simple and understandable words, clear logic and necessarily opening, at least a little, but this is important for the baby.

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The child opens smallsecrets of the surrounding world, and the adult, watching the sincere surprise of the baby, is amazed and rejoices with him. Books by Irina Pivovarova fulfill an important task - raising a child without instruction and notations, bring kindness to children in the hearts of adults, indulgence towards their mistakes, understanding of the motives of actions and respect for the younger generation. In the works of Irina Mikhailovna there is a sense of peace and beauty, optimally combined with a kind and unusual sense of humor. Each line of the author is an unexpected and joyful step towards a huge world.

Irina Pivovarova's poems are composed of many songs, inIn 1984, Melodiya released a "Only for Children" gramophone, in which Irina read her poems to young listeners. The life of the beloved children's author was interrupted early, in 1986. Irina Pivovarova, whose biography ended at the most creative peak, died at the age of 47.

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