Color brick and its role in design art

As it is easy to guess by name, colorbrick - this is a natural shade, which has a brick made of red-clay. Once it was believed that the brickwork needed to be ennobled with plaster and whitewash, but today's designers see a kind of aesthetics in such rough rustic surfaces and shades.

color brick

This color attracts not only those who work with the interior and exterior of premises, it is widely used by fashion designers, artists, website developers, photographers, cooks.


International hexadecimal color code # 884535. The color of the brick is a bit like terracotta, but not so saturated. Other similar shades of color: grayish red, sienna, red-brown.

brick red color

Warm brick color refers to a calmautumn scale. It creates a soothing atmosphere. It is used to create interiors and images in a variety of styles: from natural with its natural textures and natural nuances to expressive Moroccan with hot summer colors and aromas of spices.

How to get a shade

Artists know that the color of the brick consists ofseveral base tones. You can prepare it yourself. To obtain a brick-colored paint, mix red, black, brown. In some cases, a few drops of yellow color are required to give the hue the necessary warmth. The dominant shade in obtaining a brick is red: it is required most.

Similar actions when painting white inkwith the help of concentrated pigments. In the paint, first add red, carefully mixed with a mixer. Then a little black pigment is introduced. After each time, the paint should be well mixed and try to apply smears to the surface. Please note that when drying, the color will be slightly lighter. In addition to black, you can use other shades: red-brown, umber brown, terracotta. Give preference to warm shades of pigment.

An important rule: paint all the paint that you have to use at once. Otherwise, there will be a risk of not getting into color when re-tinting.

Combination with other shades

The color of brick is good in many color selections. With it, there can be both warm and cold shades. It perfectly harmonizes with the whole red-brown range: from gently peach to deep carmine. This shade is combined with the colors of the blue-green range: turquoise, wormwood, cypress, sea-green. A good result can be obtained by mixing brick with cold shades of gray.

Brick in the interior

The most simple and charismatic way to getthis shade - use natural brick. It is durable, easy to use, practical and very beautiful. It happens that in the old houses of pre-war and pre-revolutionary buildings during the repair work, walls, arches, fireplaces of red brick are found. Often, the owners of this treasure try to keep it. In this case, the brickwork is cleaned of plaster, covered with a layer of protective impregnation that does not change its natural noble color. To support the effect, you can use elements of natural wood, beautiful textures, forged elements, furniture and textiles in the appropriate classic style with a touch of retro.

brick color

Color brick in clothes

Clothing designers prefer to use thiscolor to create autumn collections. Best clothes in this range are suitable for "woman-winter" and "autumn." Summer and spring color types can look faded against this rather expressive hue.

color brick

Especially spectacular in this color are warm cozy things: sweaters, snacks, scarves, knitted coats.

In the jewelry art this shade is also prettyis common. Some rocks of agate, jasper, bovine eye and aventurine are painted brick red. These stones are combined with silver, brass, copper.

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