Christmas cartoons: a list of foreign and Russian Christmas stories

On New Year's Eve and New Year's EveI want something good and sincere, without cruelty or topicality. When a Christmas tree winks a colorful garland of lights, and the sides of the balloon sparkle brightly, and the air smells of tangerines and cinnamon, I want to believe in a fairy tale. This is necessary not only for children, but for adults. It's time to wrap yourself in a warm blanket and watch Christmas cartoons. The list of benefits is huge, and there are plenty to choose from.

"Winter in Prostokvashino"

You can start a Christmas marathon from oldSoviet cartoons, for example, "Winter in Prostokvashino." The plot is known almost all by heart, but the charm of the cartoon does not get lost. The adventures of Uncle Fedor, Sharik and Matrokin's cat can be reviewed endlessly.

Christmas cartoons

On the plot Matroskin quarreled with Sharik because ofbuying a dog sneakers, and now they have not been talking for weeks. The unfortunate postman Pechkin was already tortured to transmit messages from the cat to the dog and from the dog to the dog, and this is given that they live in the same house. It is not known what a quarrel would have reached, but Uncle Fyodor and his father come to the village to celebrate the New Year. Old grievances are immediately forgotten, because you need to prepare for the holiday and decorate the tree! That's just one problem: my mother could not come and the TV was broken ...


Another great Soviet cartoon,telling how in the forest the animals are preparing to celebrate the New Year. They decorate their homes and forest, but an evil wolf comes and begins to disgrace and spoil everyone's festive mood.

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A brave snowman comes to the aid of animals, but he also has limited time: we need to help Santa Claus to distribute all the gifts to the kids.

"Winter's Tale"

Special magic will be given to Christmascartoons ("Disney" out of competition in this regard) about the adventures of Mickey Mouse in the wonderful collection "Winter Tale". The theme of Christmas and New Year goes through all the series and unites such heroes as Belle, Bambi, Pablo and others, well-known and ardently loved.

"Beauty and the Beast: a wonderful Christmas"

If you do not want to leave the world of Walt Disney, you can continue to watch similar Christmas cartoons. For example, "Beauty and the Beast: a wonderful Christmas."

Christmas Madagascar

Belle Belle helped the Beast againAn excellent Prince, and this Christmas he and all the inhabitants of the enchanted castle are met in human form. Little Chip asks his mother to tell how this miracle happened, and the action is carried over into the past.

"Winnie the Pooh: Time to Give Gifts"

Another good Disney cartoon about the winter adventures of Winnie, Piglet, Tigers and their friends.

Winnie and the team eagerly awaited the arrival of winter,To go for a drive on sleds and the fads, to have fun on Christmas and, certainly, to present and receive many gifts. But in autumn, instead of winter, spring came. Like this? Why? Friends have to find out and get the right order of the seasons.

"Barbie: Christmas Story" (cartoon)

Are you still looking for something to see? If you need Christmas cartoons for girls, then choose this.

Disney Christmas cartoons

Beauty Eden (Barbie) can not standChristmas, and for her this holiday does not serve as an argument for the termination of work. Just think, Christmas! All actors must continue rehearsals. Even the best friend can not in any way affect the wayward stubborn. The case is decided to fix three Christmas elfs. They arrange an unforgettable adventure for the girl and soften her heart.

"Chrismas story"

The cartoon introduces Ebenezer Scrooge -rare sparse, who does not care about anything but money. He does not believe in love or friendship and despises family values. So would live on Ebenezer, but one day on Christmas Eve he was visited by three spirits and showed him his whole life: past, present and future. Scrooge had a chance to change the course of events, but would a miser want to use it?

"Catch Santa Claus"

Trevor sincerely believes in Santa Claus, and his faithful friend Veronica - no. The girl assures her friend that Christmas presents are not from Santa, but from her parents.

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Trevor refuses to believe her and suggests that she track down and catch Santa to prove that he exists.

"Rudolf the Reindeer"

Little Rudolph has been unlucky since his birth- instead of a black ordinary nose, he got red and glowing. The poor man is constantly teased and offended by the rest of the deer and elves who help Santa. And because of the unusual nature of the deer, they do not allow him to be in the Santa Claus harness.

Rudolf has nothing left but to leave. But Santa himself asks the deer to come back to help carry the presents to the children in a violent blizzard. After all, only thanks to the bright luminous nose of Rudolph, they can see the road.

"Secret Service of Santa Claus"

Most kids do not even think about how Santa manages to have gifts in one corner of the world in one night.

Christmas cartoons list

It turns out that he has assistants in this difficult matter. And it is from them that the success of the whole event depends.

"Christmas Adventure"

Everyone has heard about the Yeti, but no one has seen them. Not because they are terrible and dangerous or they are not. Just the Yeti themselves do not want to have any business with people, preferring only to observe from afar the strange and incomprehensible bipeds.

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In any case, the Yeti pope is convinced that hischildren need to stay away from people as far as possible. But before Christmas he changes his point of view: after all, I want so much to take part in the general holiday. Will people be able to receive unusual guests or are frightened by hairy visitors?

"Christmas Madagascar"

Old acquaintances are back in business! Through their fault, albeit unintentional, the team of Santa Claus is in an accident and is on the Madagascar peninsula. It would seem that they will repair the sleigh and leave. But the trouble is: Santa does not remember who he is and what he should do. And this is on the eve of Christmas! Are all the children now without gifts?

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"Christmas Madagascar" will tell how friendscame up with a way out of the situation. Alex, Melman, Gloria and Marty can not afford to disrupt the holiday and decide to help. Besides, who would refuse to ride on Santa's famous sleigh?

"Polar Express"

Christmas cartoons suggest to appear in a fairy tale and sympathize with heroes, going through with them dangerous adventures.

The protagonist of the cartoon is a little boy who does not believe in Santa. And one night on Christmas Eve he wakes up from a strange noise and goes outside to see what's wrong.

Christmas Madagascar

Before his house, a very unusualtrain, and the released conductor announced that the boy this year could get to visit Santa Claus in Lapland if he joined them. The hero agrees at the last moment and becomes a participant in an incredible adventure, finds new friends and, of course, gets to know Santa Claus.


Christmas cartoons are not limited to foreign ones. You can see such a wonderful story as The Nutcracker. It is no worse than the famous Disney cartoons.

Disney Christmas cartoons

As a gift for Christmas, Masha gets verythe ugly Nutcracker doll. However, a kind girl sincerely believes that this is an enchanted prince, punished for his behavior and turned into a toy. Keeping it can nuts krakatuk. And the girl decides to get it. However, the Mouse King does not want the Nutcracker to become a prince, and in every possible way interferes with Masha. To help the heroine come dolls and the Nutcracker.

If you did not like the selection, make up your own list of "Best Christmas cartoons", stock up on tangerines and arrange a family viewing - immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a fairy tale!

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