Amanda Anka: biography, career, personal life

In this article, let's talk about such a wonderful actress, as Amanda Anka. We will discuss her biography, career and personal life, in part we will analyze her filmography.

Amanda Anka

Biographical information and the beginning of a career

Amanda Anka was born in New York on December 10, 1968. Parents: mother - Anne de Zoogeb (model), father - Paul Anki (musician). In 2000, the actress's parents divorced.

In the family, Amanda was not brought up alone, she has three sisters: Alisha, Amelia and Anka. In 2004, from their second marriage, their brother Ethan appeared.

For the first time on the screen, Amanda Anka appeared in 1991year in the film "Frankenstein: Student Years", played in the episode - student number 2. Next, the beginning actress appeared with a small role in the movie "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", played a vampire. Her first significant role, the actress performed in the series "The Departed", where she appeared in front of the audience in the role of Patty.

Filmography and personal life

Amanda Anka, films with which she went outon the screen in the period from 1991 to 2014, throughout his career played about two dozen roles. In addition, she voiced many animated series and video games. In the list below, the films are arranged in chronological order (in brackets the year of the film's release is indicated):

  • "Frankenstein: Student Years" - student No. 2 (1991).
  • "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" - played the vampire (1992).
  • "The Last Work" is the girl Rita (1993).
  • "City landscape: Los Angeles" - played Tamara (1994).
  • "Renegade" is the girl Patty (1994).
  • "Method" - Nicole (1996).
  • "Glamor" - Mouse (1997).
  • "Murder in Cherry Falls" - girl Mina, deputy sheriff (2000).
  • "Bob's video" is the character Venus (2000).
  • "Love changes everything" - Trump (2001).
  • "New York taxi" - officer (2004).
  • "Geniuses" is the girl Louise (2006).
  • "Somewhere" - played the role of Margin (2010).
  • The series "The Greatest Event in the History of Television" - a female voiceover (2010-2012).
  • "Foster" - played Belinda (2014).

In July 2001, Amanda Anka married actor Jason Bateman.

Amanda Anka Movies

Prior to this, the couple met for four years. In the marriage, the couple had two daughters: Francesca Nora (October 26, 2008) and Maple Silvi (February 10, 2010).

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