Circus on Dybenko - fun for children and adults

While the main building is in full swingcircus, located on the Fontanka. Shapito moved to another address and continues to please people with their entertainment programs. The circus on Dybenko is located in the park named after Yesenin, right next to the metro station "Dybenko Street". A large tent accommodates 800 people.

The modern circus

The modern circus, as a rule, includesClassic rooms with animals, dancing acrobats with complex tricks. A novelty introduced by air gymnasts. Their rooms are full of sophistication and plastics. Also included in the program are extreme numbers on bikes and motorcycles with dangerous flips, jumps and turns.

The circus has long ceased to be a child's hobby. Now the circus is not only the smallest, but also adults are happy to have fun, watching the bright and colorful shows of artists.

Circus on Dybenko

The circus tent on Dybenko represents the most interesting and fascinating programs, exciting subjects, with sparkling humor and a share of danger. And all in order to fascinate the viewer.

Circus program

The program of the circus takes place 2 times on weekends and 1time on weekdays on all days except Monday. The duration of the program is approximately 2.5 hours. The main stars of the entertainment program are trained brown bears, which, under the guidance of famous artists and trainers, circle, ride on small bicycles and with skill catch rings.

Also in the program are trained beautiful horses,ponies and Nubian goats. Incredible in its beauty room with gentle white pigeons to melodic and lyrical music will not leave indifferent any spectator.

Circus of the tent on Dybenko

Very complex and incredible tricks, performed by gymnasts and balancers. Jugglers with clubs and bright rings will bring a note of extremism.

Throughout the whole circus program as a cheerleaders leading in the tent of the circus on the arena is a duet of gay clowns.

The circus is a place for the soul

For a good pastime, choose a circuson Dybenko. Yesenin Park is located right next to the metro station "Dybenko Street", at the intersection of two streets - the Bolsheviks and Podvoisky. Two-colored marquee with an area of ​​900 square meters contains a large number of people. But the availability of tickets is best known by phone.

The official website of the circus details allinformation, working hours, programs, address and ticket prices. Children under the age of 4 can enjoy beautiful shows for free, passing one of the parents for one ticket. For children of 5 years and older a full ticket is purchased without discounts and shares. The circus on Dybenko is an excellent alternative to theaters and museums, especially for children.

Circus on Dybenko Yesenin Park

If you really like any artist and youyou want to talk and ask your questions to him personally, in the foyer of the circus there is a special place where you can leave your feedback, or where during the speech and presentation you can write a message and leave your phone or email address. All letters are handed to the artists personally. You can also be connected by e-mail.

If you want to take pictures or take picturesrepresentation on the video camera, here too the management is meeting halfway. You only need a special permission in writing - and you can enjoy the recording at any time without leaving home, and also collect a small company for viewing a unique video.

Reviews of the circus

The circus on Dybenko has already collected a lot of positive reviews thanks to the skill and charisma of performing artists. People praise the professionalism and creative numbers that the show participants prepared.

A huge pleasure for little money can be obtained in the circus at Dybenko. Come to the tent with the whole family, and you will get a lot of positive emotions, a charge of vivacity and good mood.

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