What is fiction? And where did this concept come from?

People often wonder: what is fiction? To be precise, this word came to us from the French language and in translation means "elegant literature". This term refers to all the world literature in poetic or prosaic form.

Fiction today and always

what is fiction
Today, when asked about what fiction is,answer very simply - this is mass literature. It is as if opposed to "high literature", that is, fiction, in fact, called "light" literature, which manifests itself in such genres as mysticism, adventure, ladies' novels, detectives. In the works of this direction, you rarely see a deep penetration into the characters of the characters, into the motives of their actions, into the depth of their relationship with other characters. Basically, those who work in this genre show any social phenomena, moods of people, characters that are closest and most understandable to the masses. It is very rare to see a novelist project his personal view into this space, into this background, which he so carefully creates.

Fiction in the literature is like a comedy,adventure or mystical genre in the movies, when the story is already completely clear to us before the film comes to a climax. This, in fact, is just an attraction of tricks, in which there is no special depth.

This frivolous genre

works of fiction
What is fiction? It is always a story about a situation, about an event, but never about the development of a character or the transformation of a person's personality. All works of fiction, perhaps, can be divided into serious genres, which include novels, sagas, psychological prose, and fiction. A writer has a language - an explanatory dictionary. He must know much of what he describes and what he says. He, rather, should not be a philosopher and a psychologist, but a walking encyclopedia, in which every possible knowledge and facts from all over the world would fit. Remember that we are most often captured in adventure films or detective investigations? We are surprised at how extensive the knowledge of the characters is, how cleverly committed and disclosed crimes or traps are placed on the path to treasured treasures.

Every attraction in literature is beautifulexplains what fiction is. This word is most often used in a disparaging manner, speaking of literature. In this direction, there is practically no social implication, no deep emphasis is placed on acute and urgent problems of the society.

language - explanatory dictionary
In principle, there is nothing unusual in this. After all, what is fiction, as not an entirely common name for a non-serious genre of literature, in which accents are made only for loud effects? Among the fiction works are such world-famous novels as "Notes about Sherlock Holmes", detective novels by Agatha Christie, fantastic works of the Strugatsky brothers, stories about James Bond and many other cult works. All of them are excellent examples of this direction.

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