Actor's biography: Leonov Eugene

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It seemed that this actor because of his appearanceis doomed to play only comic roles. Chubby, full, short - he all embodied one complete good-natured. But deep sincerity and inner strength helped him become a cult actor. Otherwise, his acting career could be quite different. Leonov Eugene, namely, he is talking about - the native Muscovite, he was born in September 1926. His father worked at the aircraft factory as an engineer, and my mother was an ordinary table-keeper. They lived in a communal flat on Vasilievskaya Street, occupied there two small rooms.

Actor's biography: Leonov Eugene. What I dreamed about

Becoming an actor was his cherished dream. He, while studying in the fifth grade, enrolled in the drama club of his school. But the war began, and Eugene went to work at his father's factory, where he was a pupil of the turner. Later he entered the aviation technical school, but even there his enthusiasm was reduced to performing arts. Apparently, he was only given an acting biography. Leonov Eugene takes an active part in the student's artistic amateur performance. Being in his third year, he still goes to the Moscow Theater Studio, and his courses successfully finish in 1947.

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Actor's biography: Leonov Eugene begins his creative activity

The first theater was the drama theaterStanislavsky (once it was the Moscow theater Dzerzhinsky district). In it, he worked for 20 years. It is clear that at first he was given only minor roles, and he began to work part time in films, filming in the crowd. His first episodic role Leonov played in the comedy "Happy Flight", it was in 1949. And only after 6 years, his first notable roles appeared-and these were not comedies at all, but two real detective stories: The Rumyantsev Case and The Road.

Evgeny Leonov: the biography of success

Being on tour in Sverdlovsk, EugeneI met Vanda Stoilova, who was then a student of a music school. They were married in 1957, and two years later they had a son, Andrei. Almost at the same time, his acting career began to develop rapidly.

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His love for him was brought by the barman incomedy "Striped flight". And in the film "Don's story" revealed his dramatic talent. But still the following roles were associated with the comedy: "Thirty-Three", "Zigzag of Fortune" and "Gentlemen of Fortune." His voice began talking characters cartoons. What does all the beloved Winnie the Pooh cost? In the 70 years, the lion's share of the pictures taken with the actor is accounted for. The most famous of them are "The Elder Son", "Afonya", "Belorussky Railway Station", "Ordinary Miracle" and all the favorite hero from the "Autumn Marathon". In 1978, he received the title of People's Artist of the USSR.

In the 80s, Leonov's film career markedly went torecession, most likely, fatigue and deterioration of health have affected. But still in 1986 he played in the comedy "Kin-dza-dza". Two years on tour in Germany, he had a massive heart attack, the actor experienced a real "clinical death" and underwent surgery. But after 4 months he returned to work in the theater. His latest film work was the film "American grandfather" - it was in 1993. In January 1994, the actor Yevgeny Leonov passed away. The biography of a good-natured, cheerful and national favorite on it ended. The artist was buried in his native Moscow at the Novodevichy Cemetery.

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