Vladimir Kolychev - the author, books of the detective genre, read in one breath.

Vladimir Kolychev - famous modern Russianwriter, on account of which a large number of exciting and fascinating detectives. The author has won recognition of the public due to numerous militants, criminal stories and novels. The most famous of his series are "Brother" and "Fighter". At a young age, Kolychev studied at the Higher Military School, after which he served in command officer positions. The first literary masterpieces written during his time in the service. He left for the reserve from the Novorossiysk military registration and enlistment office, being in the rank of major.

Vladimir Kolychev

Biography of the writer

The author of detective novels Vladimir GeorgievichKolychev was born in 1968 in Novorossiysk. The father of the writer was a serviceman, his mother worked as a tutor in a kindergarten all her life. He studied well at school, having only two fours in the report card - according to the literature and the Russian language. After graduating from school, Vladimir Kolychev decides to continue the family tradition and go at the officer's footsteps of his father. In his youth, the writer entered a military school of the highest category, which he graduated with honors.

Vladimir Kolychev, whose books arequite popular and popular, in the school receives a specialty of engineering and technical direction. After the distribution, he continues to serve in the anti-aircraft missile unit. Having received the rank of major, Vladimir Georgievich decides to complete the service and start writing activities. To date, the writer lives and works in Moscow, has a beautiful full-fledged family, along with his wife brings up his son.

The beginning of the creative path

Vladimir Kolychev began his writing activities as early asmilitary service. However, this creative manifestation was not serious and was rather an outlet and enthusiasm for the author. The main stage of the writer's work began in 1994. But his initial development did not interest the publishers. However, the following creations, created more forensic and detective, began to attract investors and publishers. With some of them, the writer is working today.

Kolychev creates with a fantastic speed,creating a new masterpiece in just a few months. In the author's arsenal there are already more than 50 books and series. Vladimir became popular due to the fact that he writes amazingly fascinating and unpredictable works that are subtly and beautifully intertwined with the everyday life of the average citizens of our country. Each novel is written in an extremely easy and accessible language.

The main theme of the works

The most popular and universally acknowledged work, which was written by Vladimir Kolychev - "Brother". It tells about a guy who after the army fell into a gang of bullies and spoiled his life. In this spirit all the writings of the writer are written.

The author, like a hurricane, broke into the rating of the bestand the deserved writers working in criminal and detective genre. Thanks to his numerous masterpieces, Vladimir Kolychev instantly became known and recognized among connoisseurs and fans of the genre. Interesting and fascinating plot does not allow the reader to tear himself away or complete the reading of the book in half.

Author's bibliography

To date, the author's works can beto buy in every bookstore, since the multimillion circulation allows you to distribute literary masterpieces in every city. Vladimir Kolychev, books which is at the peak of popularity, andToday he continues to work and give new interesting stories. Each work of the author is a separate story from life and has a unique style that allows you to recognize your favorite author from the first lines of the book.

Vladimir Kolychev Books

Most of them are united in a series, narrating about the adventures of one hero. Here are some of them:

  • Fighter - 3 books;
  • Brother - 6 books;
  • There are 9 books in the law;
  • We are one brigade - four books;
  • Executioner of the Mafia - 4 books;
  • Russian chanson - 13 books.

The most recognized of them are the following novels:

  • Brother, shoot first;
  • Fighter brotherhood;
  • Shock for the opera;
  • The mad wolf;
  • The wounded beast;
  • The Queen of Chanson.

The screen version of books

Many of the author's works were chosendomestic producers for the purpose of their adaptation. For example, the series "Ment in law" based on the eponymous series of books, deserved the huge popularity of the audience. He narrates about the "honest" law enforcement officer, leading the irreconcilable struggle against the criminal element.

Vladimir brother brother
Another screen version of the author's works is the series "From the Life of Captain Chernyaev".

Films on Kulchev's Vladimir
Thanks to its fascination and simplicity,Films on Kolychev Vladimir are relevant and exciting. The main theme of each work is the struggle between bandit groups and internal affairs bodies. Each book is understandable and accessible, it sets out all the details of the difficult confrontations and fights that arose in the life of the main characters.

Vladimir Kolychev is a popular and brillianta writer who creates his literary masterpieces with a unique speed. Thanks to a special style and fascinating plot, books are used as scenarios for serials in which many well-known and beloved actors were shot. The author already has more than 50 masterpieces and does not cease to please his fans with new fresh works. </ strong </ p>

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