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How often, by pure chance of hitting in that oranother popular project, actors become hostages of one role. And now they themselves are not happy that they once agreed to play a character that is now inextricably associated with the viewer with them. The brilliant British theater actress Julia Mackenzie, alas, did not escape this fate either. Like the previous singer of the role of Miss Marple Geraldine McEwen, she is forever for the viewer associated with the image of a lady detective.

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However, in the UK, the actress became famousparticipation in television series, and magnificent works on theatrical stage. She not only plays, but she is also a director, and also a singer. Talent Mackenzie was awarded two "Lawrence Olivier Awards" in the nomination "Best Actress of the Musical" in 1982 and 1994. Unfortunately, to see it on stage, the domestic viewer can not, but look at different roles on television - please!

Shirley Valentine (1990)

In 1989 Julia McKenzie was invited to the role of second plan in the film by English director Lewis Gilbert "Shirley Valentine" based on the play of the same name by W. Russell. This is an eccentric story of a Liverpool housewife, fed up with a quiet family life. Going to the Greek resort for a ticket, she decides to stay there and start a new life, shocking her husband and adult children.

The film is worth seeing not only for the sake of the actress, but also for the development of horizons. The painting was awarded with enthusiastic reviews of critics, prestigious awards and nominations.

"Purely English Murder" (1997-2003)

D. Mackenzie took part in several episodes of the series. Then the actress left the project of her own free will, without explaining the reasons. "Purely English Murder" is a cult British television series that broke all records in duration and won many prestigious awards. He talks about the work and life of police officers.

"Cranford" (2007)

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Without a role in the television series or the film based on the novels of Jane Austen or Elizabeth Gaskell, the career of any British actress can be considered inferior.

Actress Julia Mackenzie did not miss her chance. In 2007 she took part in the television series "Cranford", based on three novels, E. Gaskell. The action takes place in a fictional provincial town. The lion's share of its population is women. Therefore, the appearance of a young military causes a storm of emotions and events.

"Miss Marple" (2009-2013)

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Whatever you say, but the domestic viewer JuliaMackenzie is familiar with the role of the charming and charming Miss Marple, who now and then gets to the right place at the right time. The role brought the actress a wide fame outside the theater audience. Unraveling like a tangle of intricate plot of detectives Agatha Christie, incidentally you have the opportunity to compare the two Miss Marple - D. McEwan and D. Mackenzie. The image created by the first actress has something in common with the Victorian era, she is extremely sweet and welcoming. The episodes with her participation have a comic beginning. The series "Miss Marple" with Julia Mackenzie - more atmospheric and dynamic, irony in them is less. In the mood, individual episodes resemble a thriller rather than a classic detective, which is also very interesting.

"Random vacancy" (2015)

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In 2015 on the screens there was a mini-series "Random vacancy", consisting of only three series. It is a joint product of the American HBO channel and the British BBC. The plot is based on the same book by Joan Rowling, and the script was written by Sarah Phelps.

In the fictional English town of Pagford withpicturesque, sun-drenched cobbled streets and an ancient monastery, it would seem, the complete idyll reigns. But look a little deeper. In fact, the city is in a state of internal war: the teachers conflict with the children, the husbands - with the wives, the rich - with the poor.

One of the leading roles in the mini-series was played by Julia Mackenzie. She embodied the image of the mother of the Mollison family on the screen.

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