The series "Secrets of Smallville", the actors of the series in real life

In the series "Secrets of Smallville" tells about the younghero, who periodically rescues the world superman. In a small, rather quiet town of Smallville begins a strange meteor shower, after which the Kents find a small boy next to their house. Childless Martha and Jonathan decide to adopt a child and call him Clark.

"Smallville's secrets": actors starring

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John Patrick has made the world famousThe original image of Clark Kent in this series. The actor before that was shot in the films "Fog", "Wholesale cheaper", and then in "Wholesale cheaper 2". The image of Clark Kent became key in his career as an actor. His character is an alien alien who works as a reporter in the magazine. He also tries to deal secretly with evil. He comes from the planet Krypton, and because his planet died, he was left alone. And his real parents before his death sent him on a special spacecraft into outer space. But his ship broke down and he fell to Earth. In the series "Secrets of Smallville" actors, plot, special effects - everything is selected so well that it involves the viewer in an exciting adventure to save the world.
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Christine Laura Kreuk proposed to play a rolegirlfriends superhero. An actress from the city of Vancouver in Canada, Christina grew up a rather talented and unusual girl. To date, Kroyk is a fairly well-known actress and producer. Lives in Canada. Its world popularity has gained thanks to the role of Lana Lang. In the series "Secrets of Smallville" the first season was a huge success, which served as the basis for the release of all subsequent seasons.

"Smallville's secrets": actors playing secondary roles

Canadian Erica Durance is due to her popularitythe image of Lois Lane in "Smallville's Secrets". Erica's childhood was in the town of Three Hills. Her father was a driver, and her mother was a librarian. She has an older brother and sister. Erica and her sister and brother grew up on a farm that was engaged in the cultivation of turkeys. After graduation, Durance began to learn acting and moved to Vancouver. Erica studied and acted in various commercials and episodic scenes. Step by step the significance of her roles began to grow. In the series "Secrets of Smallville" Season 7 is one of the most exciting. Here, the super-strong relatives of the hero already appear, thereby imparting a sharpness to the plot, and the action is also filled with interesting battles, funny scenes and romantic moments.

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"Smallville's secrets": actors playing negative roles

Michael Owen Rosenbaum few canto present in another way: the role of Lex Luthor in "Smallville's Secrets" provided the actor world fame. Lex Luthor is considered a rival of Clark. The Rosenbaum family once moved to Newborg, Indiana. Here, the future actor began his studies at Newborg Middle School, and then entered the University of Western Kentucky, where he received a bachelor's degree in theater and communications. Participated in school productions, which can be called the beginning of his creative career.

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