"Yesterday ended the war": reviews, actors, budget and director

The series "Yesterday ended the war" (2011г.) - the brainchild of the Russian director Vladimir Balkashinov. On his account to this point, more than a dozen works. And although they are quite decent, even, you can say, talented actors, critics do not particularly favor the final result of the efforts. With regard to the film "The war ended yesterday," the audience's comments are also mixed.

What is this series about? Is it worth it to allocate time for viewing it? Who played the leading roles? What viewer will see positive moments and in relation to what most resent those who did not like it? For all these questions, you will find answers in this article.

And what about the war?

It is worth noting that in the case of the series "Yesterdayended the war "reviews, both positive and negative, are clearly divided between the two groups of viewers. Those who like the film, celebrate a good game of actors and the development of relations of the main characters. Well, those who claim that the series does not even worth the film that was spent on it, point to historical inconsistencies and a lot of film-balls.

Frankly, both are right. That is, in fact, the assessment will depend on what the viewer needs from the picture. For fans of melodramas "Yesterday the war is over", the plot of which is focused on the next love triangle, it will be a pleasant evening rest. But if you are interested in the details of the war and the realities of the post-war life, then this picture is clearly not for you.


The whole story revolves around severalcentral heroes and a couple of three secondary characters. And the overwhelming majority of actors belong to the same family, which includes: the acting chairman of the collective farm Fyodor Mikhailovich, his wife Maria, the son of Grisha, the daughter of Galya and her fiance Kolya. The main character is Katerina, who came from the city to take the place of chairman.

Another truly colorful character is Grandfather Pyatak, acting watchman. Even on the plot sometimes there are literally several rural women.

The beginning of history

So, the spring of 1945. A graduate of the institute Ekaterina Ovsyannikova is sent to a remote village. On the instructions of the district committee, she must take the post of head of the collective farm, replacing the murdered chairman Ivan Mikhailovich Konyukhov.

From the very beginning, the director sets the motive for the film,showing the grotesqueness of the emerging situation. A young girl in an elegant coat with an awkward suitcase rides in the open truck on a country road.

In the next frame, her companion with a slight wave of her handindicates the way in which the newly-minted chairmanship should move into the bright future in order to occupy the place attributed to her, after which she hides herself in the car beyond the horizon.

The word about scenery

As already noted, it is the degree of transmissionauthenticity of the postwar period - the Achilles' heel of the series "Yesterday the war ended." Critics' reviews mercilessly point to many shortcomings in the frame. And indeed, what the viewer sees on the screen would look more organically on the stage during the performance.

Admiring the existing examples of magnificentof the productions, do not forget what amounts of money are invested to adequately display everything that serves as a backdrop for every action and dialogue in the film being shot. But in the series, which belongs to the class and "Yesterday ended the war," the budget is very modest, even lean.

That's why, as evidence that there were recent military operations in the district, we see only a lone howitzer on a level field, and a rickety tablet with the inscription: "Mined."

Fresh development of the banal situation

As for the plot of the series "Yesterdayended the war. " The director erected it on the usual love triangle. Rather, even on a certain trapezium of related people. Kolya is the first guy in the village. Handsome, self-assured, spoiled by female attention, and therefore moderately impudent. Grisha - quiet, faithful and somewhat tedious, but at the same time - persistent and purposeful. Katia is proud and principled, with enthusiastic over enthusiasm for building prosperous communism and enlightening the "dark" villagers. And Galya is Grisha's sister and Kolya's mistress.

Guys, of course, fall in love at first sightin the main heroine and begin to seek her favor, rivaling each other. Galya does her best to keep the elusive fiancé and get rid of her rival. And Katya is bathed in attention, assiduously pretending that she does not care. However, the end of the whole story is written by the writer quite unexpected.

The performers of the main roles

In terms of the script and staging, you can find faultmuch, but in the series "Yesterday ended the war" the actors played very talented. In fact, it was their remarkable work that did not drown the project, despite all its flaws.

The role of the main irreconcilable rival Catherinewent to Elena Dudina, who decided to change the theatrical stage to the light of cinematic Jupiter. It was after this role that the actress was noticed. And it is quite deserved. Her bright and expressive game often eclipsed in the professional plan the performer of the main character.

It can not be said that Julia Mayboroda -the performer of the role of Katerina Ovsyannikova - played poorly or not enough. And here the main claims are rather to the scenario itself, than to the actress. But it would be desirable, that unconditional passion of a man's part of the population to its person though something is logically motivated, instead of presented simply as the fact.

Representatives of the stronger sex

The strategy of choosing the competing among themselvesyoung people was chosen a win-win. By the same principle, producers select the composition of youth musical groups. They should be attended by guys of different types - serious, cheerful, modest, mysterious, etc. So a wider audience of fans is won.

The same we see in the TV series "Yesterday endedwar". The testimonies testify that the army of spectators is divided into two camps - those who prefer the cheeky Kolya, and those who prefer a serious and loyal Grisha.

The role of Nicholas was performed by Anatoly Rudenko, an actor,on the shoulders of which at the time of filming in the series was already more than three dozen serious works. A tall, athletic-built blond with blue eyes, regular facial features and a disarming smile is just the standard of modern Apollo. As was to be expected, the overwhelming majority of young (and not so) female fans sympathized with his hero with a sinking heart.

TV series

Grisha Konyukhova was played by Nikolai Ivanov. His character - somewhat pensive and romantic - fell in favor of more mature televiewers. Those who understand that fervor and first love are relatively quick to pass, and a man who can be relied on is really valuable precisely for his reliability.

Secondary Characters

Speaking of actors, it would be a mistake not to mentionmasters of the film industry - Bogdan Stupka and Lyubov Rudenko. Despite the role of the second plan, their contribution to the series is very significant. And the colorful character of Pyatak's grandfather, performed by Alexei Shevchenkov, deserves a special award.

So if you just want to spend the evenings watching a light series - boldly turn on "Yesterday the war is over" and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a not very deep, but in your own way a nice film.

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