How to draw in a notebook in a cell to make it interesting?

Modern people, regardless of their gender,age and social level, they want to draw. Of course, not everyone immediately goes out beautifully. When a drawing is obtained, even if it is simple and schematic, this is a real occasion for joy and pride. To be sure of the result, you can draw on the cells. Understanding the principle, in the future you can create pictures of your own volition and imagination. In this article, we will consider in detail how to draw in a notebook in a box.

how to draw in a notebook in a box

What are the drawings?

Figures on cells are of two main varieties:

  • symmetrical;
  • asymmetric.

For a beginner artist and for amateurs"Pocharkat" in the fields it is better to choose symmetrical patterns on cells and objects - they are easier to draw. When a person learns simple and symmetrical compositions, you can start more difficult patterns and even invent your own.

Unbalanced objects can cause difficulties at first, however, after training, they too can be quickly mastered.

For creativity "by the cells" it is requiredlined paper, sharpened pencil, eraser and ruler. After gaining experience and training your hand, you can draw without a ruler and immediately with colored pens. Color such contours conveniently colored pencils, felt-tip pens and even paints.

In detail, how to draw a heart

As a clear example of the answer to the question of how to draw in a notebook in a cell, consider a pattern in the form of a heart. Steps to create a picture:

  • We retreat several cells to the right and from above (so that the pattern is completely included).
  • Draw a horizontal line of 2 cells, from left to right.
  • Draw 1 cell down and 1 cell to the right.
  • Draw another 1 cell down and 1 to the right.
  • Draw 1 cell up, 1 right and 1 up.
  • Draw 2 cells to the right, 1 down and 1 more to the right.
  • Draw 3 cells down.
  • Draw 1 cell to the left and 1 down, repeat this 4 times.
  • Draw 1 cell to the left (this is the very bottom of the heart).
  • Draw 1 cell up, 1 left and repeat 4 times.
  • Draw 3 cells up.
  • Draw 1 cell to the left, 1 up, and this completes the picture.

cell figures

The finished outline can be colored with one or more colors. From such hearts it is possible to make patterns or simply to represent them on empty pages of the writing-books.

Color in schematic drawings

When simple schemes are mastered, it makes sensemove on to more complex ones. They look particularly good in color. To begin with, you can draw a simple pencil outlines and paint over them. Interesting are fruits, vegetables, desserts, animals, drawn on cages and neatly painted. Also, figuring out how to draw in a notebook in a cell, you can create schemes for cross stitching or for mosaics from different materials.

patterns by cells

Now, having become acquainted with different options, bothto draw in a notebook in a cell, you can create your own patterns and objects without difficulty and decorate your notebooks and notebooks with them. With such drawings it is good to diversify letters, entries in a personal diary. Particularly successful color works can be given to their friends and relatives as postcards or decorate them with a room.

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