Disaster movies: a list of the best (2013-2015). Names, short description, reviews

Branded Hollywood sub-genre, requiringcolossal capital investments and special effects of the highest standard, these are catastrophe films. The list of the best (2013-2015) films consists of paintings produced in the USA, which is not surprising. It is really difficult to compete with the Americans in the production of cinema about man-made accidents and natural disasters.

disaster films list of the best 2013 2015

Atmosphere of safe horror

In general, watching movies-catastrophes (list of the best2013-2015 release will be presented in this publication) is quite pleasant, because it is always possible to predict in advance what will happen, although it is unrealistic to know for sure exactly how everything will happen. The spectator quietly rejoices at his foresight and insight, incidentally surprised at the ingenuity and sophistication of the creator authors. At the same time, immersing himself in the atmosphere of safe horror, intensified by 3D technology, a person involuntarily identifies himself with the main character. It is these emotions that are caused by films produced in the period from 2013 to 2015. and related to the subgenre "film-catastrophe".

rift San Andreas

The defeat of San Francisco

"The San Andreas Fault", directed by director BradPeyton, is a classic blockbuster catastrophe. This project is carefully and finely arranged by components, which turn it from a banal horror story into a masterpiece of cinema with multilayered overtones. According to the plot, the protagonist Ray (Duane Johnson), the helicopter pilot of the rescue team, failed to save his marriage. His wife Emma (Carla Gugino), taking their baby Blake (Alexandra Daddario), moves to another, better-off man Daniel (Joan Griffith). One day, Ray leaves for an emergency call to Nevada, where a powerful earthquake occurred on the Hoover Dam. At the same time, one of the unrecognized geniuses of science, Hayes, specializing in studying the causes and predicting the consequences of earthquakes, puts forward the theory that this cataclysm is only the first swallow. The fact is that the state of California is the fault of San Andreas, which has just become more active. And the epicenter will soon be San Francisco, where Ray's daughter is.

Despite the banal story, clearly following the laws of the genre (who will survive, it is clear from the first minutes of viewing), the film "The San Andreas Fault" is an enchanting and impressive spectacle.

towards the storm

Incredible tornado

The film-catastrophe directed by Stephen Quayle"Towards a storm" forced to cram into the seat of not only spectators, but also the most hardened film critics. The authors of the picture presented to the audience an incredible tornado. The creators of visual effects worked on the glory, because the screen is the real end of the world in the microscale of one town: the heavens are opened with funnels, whole houses and cars are floating in the air. For greater persuasiveness, scriptwriter John Soetnam ranked his tornado as a non-existent category 6, and the director uses the style of amateur and documentary shootings that are ideally suited for a subgenre like catastrophe films. The list of the best (2013-2015) catastrophe pictures would be faded without this blockbuster. According to the authors' idea, a powerful storm begins in the province of Silverstone. At the epicenter are students during the graduation ceremony. Meteorologists sound alarm, warning the population that the worst is yet to come. The inhabitants of the town are looking for shelter, but there are desperate guys who decide to shoot a tornado. For the sake of successful personnel, they are ready for anything.

Visual effects are the most spectacularpart of the disaster film "Towards a Storm". The key to success was the professionalism of the screenwriter, the masters of the visual part and special effects and the generosity of the group of producers of the film.

after Earth

Witty story twist

The blockbuster "After our era" presented the viewer with onefrom the most moving creative duets of the son and the father for all history of existence of the world film industry. Unlike other similar films, stuffed with the wonders of science and technology, the "new planet" that mankind moves to is represented by an untouched ecosystem. For modern cinema, this is a bold innovation. After all, there is an opinion that if the film is not oversaturated with special effects, then its fate is predetermined and it will certainly fail in the world box office. The picture of the painting "After our era" is rather strange, sometimes realistic and precise, sometimes cartoonish. Nevertheless, the name of the project directed by M. Knight Shyamalan is the worst one ever taken, as well as the dull "home video" of the Smith family. The author, of course, is sometimes excessively sentimental, but he manages to keep the spectator in suspense all the timing of the picture, and in the finale to strike with a witty plot twist.

Post-apocalyptic story

The plot of the picture is somewhat different from the scheme,which is used by all catastrophes (the list of the best 2013-2015 is not an exception). The plot narrative begins after a thousand years after the global cataclysm, because of which the surviving people had to leave the Earth and settle on the planet with the name Nova Prime. Some of the central characters - General Cypher Ridge (Will Smith) with his son China (Jaden Smith), return to the new house, but during the asteroid storm their apparatus crashes on Earth. Cypher is seriously injured, his son, in order to save his father, must travel a considerable distance and turn on the rescue beacon. Teenagers at every step are trapped by the dangers posed by the hostile environment of the ex-cradle of mankind.

shark tornado 2

Flying sharks return

Became the famous ribbon "Shark Tornado"the beginning of the original franchise, had a frenzied popularity and a record audience. Success, as usual, turned the head of the producers, so the question of the appearance of the sequel was predetermined in advance. "The shark of tornado 2" directed by Anthony Ferrante, released in 2014 and is a plot continuation of the original picture, is virtually identical to the first film. This time the perishing storm went to New York, carrying in itself an armada of bloodthirsty predators. The will of fate in this city at the same time turn out to be the main characters of the first episode. Naturally, having learned about the imminent threat, ignoring the danger, they decide once again to save the distraught city dwellers. The plot narrative of the film is perfectly balanced, so the timing runs from the ideal speed for a tres-tape without the annoying sag, which sometimes suffer from catastrophe films. The list of the best (2013-2015) paintings was replenished with a real horror, thanks to the efforts of the film crew of the project.

Pompeii 2014

An excursion into the past

The Pompeii Film Festival (2014)production of Germany and Canada, directed by Paul US Anderson, unambiguously ranked as a subgenre of catastrophe films can not. This spectacular and luxurious spectacle: the creators do not bother with the plot twists and turns, paying more attention to the setting of gladiatorial fights and a romantic line. But everything fades at a time when, according to the idea of ​​the creators, Vesuvius wakes up. Pompeii sink in darkness and soot, the earth shakes, everything around is collapsing. The film has no special director's discoveries, it seems that the whole crew is playing in the eruption of the volcano, not without pleasure ruining the ancient city, lavishly falling asleep with the remains of ashes.

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