How to draw Pinky Pai yourself

Modern cartoons brought into our livesmany new heroes. Pinky is a pink pony who works in the Sugar Palace. Pinky is a very kind and sweet pony, which helps the owners of the pastry shop both at work and in the upbringing of children. Pony Pinky has a lot of friends, she loves communicating with them and having fun parties for them. Pinky loves adventure, she is a real fidget. Pinky likes to sing, she composed many songs herself. Pai is very popular with modern children. In particular Pony Pony is interesting for girls. Currently, on the shelves of stores selling a lot of Pinky toys, which are popular with buyers. Pai can learn many good qualities, such as: kindness, honesty, the ability to be friends, gaiety, curiosity and so on. Ponies can be set as an example for your child, because the desire to learn something new is a very good quality.

Instructions for the picture "Pinky Pai"

Ability to draw is not born, butThe acquired skill that needs to be developed. The more often and more diligently you will draw, the better you will get it. The main thing is not to give up employment halfway and strive for development in this difficult but very exciting business. Your drawing can be presented to your mother or father in order to make them a pleasant token of attention. Also, a picture with Pinky can be hung in his room on the wall as an exclusive interior decoration. Show your imagination and decide what you will do with the new drawing just you.

How to draw Pinky Pai yourself

How to draw Pinky Pai in pencil, and later colorize, you will learn right now. This article will tell you about how to draw Pai in stages.

Any drawing should be started from the basis fortorso and head, as they determine the location of the object on a sheet of paper. How to draw Pinky Pai step by step, will tell you a visual instruction using pictures.

Drawing the drawing "Pony Pinky Pai"

First of all, we represent a big and two smallcircle closely together. One of them should be located to the left, and the second - to the right, that is, they should not be above each other. This pony has a non-standard physique, so her body is smaller than the head, therefore, small circles will be the body of a small horse. The circle intended for the head should be divided into two parts. Later you will see why it was necessary.

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Drawing details in the drawing "Pinky Pai"

The next stage will be drawing the muzzle. Muzzle at the pony Pai sharp, so try to draw it as shown in the picture. One of the ears of Pinky is not covered with mane, it has a slightly rounded shape at the tip itself. Try to draw the ear correctly.

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Now draw the mane. She's curly and puffy at the pony. Draw the bangs curled, the other end of the mane is also curly. You can draw the location of the mane from the picture, but you can show your imagination and draw it in your vision. To make it easier to draw a mane, you can imagine air clouds, because it is very similar to them.

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The pony's eyes are big and round. Do not forget about the long cilia in the number of three pieces. Most often, Pinky Pye is cheerful, so draw it with a broad and contented smile. The head of our pony Pinkie is completely ready. How to draw a pony Pinkie Pai on, find out right now.

how to draw a pony pony pai

First, we draw a lower oval, which will beto be the torso of a small pony. Then draw from this trunk legs. Since the pony is a hoofed animal, the legs at the bottom are square. Having finished with the legs from the front, draw the rear. Tail of the pony The pike is drawn in exactly the same way as the mane. He is curly and handsome. How to draw Pai in pencil, we learned, it remains only to paint the Pony we painted.

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Color Pony Pinky pony with colors or colored pencils

We will be in pink color. The pony's body is lighter than its mane and tail, so we'll have to match the color of the gouache. A bright pink gouache we take in order to paint the pony tail and mane. For the body we will produce another paint. Take the pink and white gouache and mix it up to a nice pale scarlet color. This color is good for Pony color.

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How to draw Pinky Pye, from this article youlearned. Now you need to color it with the resulting pink flowers. Her eyes are blue. Cilia ponies can be painted black gouache with the help of the finest brush that you have. A more convenient way, how to draw Pinky Eye Pie, is related to the use of a felt-tip pen.

Look at your drawing. Pony Pye is a very cheerful creature, she is beautiful and friendly. Now our pony Pinky Pai is completely ready. We are sure that it turned out perfectly well for you. In the cartoon, you must have seen that on the back leg of a pony balloons are drawn. Depending on your desire, you can also draw them. In the cartoon on Pinky painted three balloons, two of which are blue, and one - yellow.

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