The film "Martian": reviews, actors and story

Over the past ten years, the genre of fiction againbecame one of the most in demand in modern cinema. Thanks to the achievements in the field of modern technologies and visual effects, the directors were able to implement even the most unconventional and ambitious projects. First of all, this applies to Hollywood studios, which can afford to create films for hundreds of millions of dollars. Thus, fans of the genre get the opportunity to enjoy watching a truly spectacular and large-scale fantastic cinema.

Also, a big role in the popularization of the genre was played bythat he is truly multifaceted. Previously, in this direction, they were mostly shot by the same type of space fighters, which do not carry a serious artistic integrity. Such films have remained in the history of cinema as entertainment tapes at one time. However, now science fiction can be multifaceted. Some directors create whole new worlds or galaxies, in which there is a confrontation between representatives of different races. Other directors touch on alien invasion. But in the vast majority of cases, the plot is based on the conquest of other planets by man. This is exactly what one of the best films, 2015 "The Martian", tells about. About him and will be discussed in this article. We will consider reviews about the movie "Martian", his plot, actors and much more, no less interesting. We will try to disassemble the film in the smallest details and pay attention to every detail.

reviews about the movie Martian

The film "Martian": release date

The premiere took place on September 11, 2015in the framework of the Toronto Film Festival. However, the wide hire of the "Martian" took place only on October 2 in America. Russia this film was expected in cinemas since October 8. The film was held in the world box office more than successfully, several times having paid off its budget. This is what brought the eminent Ridley Scott to the Hollywood elite. Due to some of Scott's failed work, many people already thought that it was time for the veteran to retire. But he proved that he can still compete with much younger directors.


The content of the movie "Martian" is quite interesting. The events of the film unfold on the planet Mars. Humanity has finally been able to achieve the necessary progress in the field of space technology and now makes no problems with expeditions to the red planet. These studies play a very important role. So on board the mission "Ares-3" were able to get only the best of the best. In the center of the plot is a group of qualified astronauts who have been able to spend a long time outside their native planet. During this period they managed to make friends and become real friends. But it was not possible to predict any further events ...

Further the plot of the film "The Martian" is developingdynamically. There was a danger of a sandstorm, as a result of which astronauts could seriously suffer or even die. So they in extreme conditions were forced to board the spacecraft and leave the planet as soon as possible. One of the astronauts failed to do this because of serious damage to the spacesuit. As a result, the team found him dead and flown to Earth without him.

Mark comes to consciousness, miraculously survived. Only now he understands what a difficult situation he has landed in. He stayed on an unfamiliar planet in utter solitude. And there is no hope that someone will go to look for him, counting the dead. But, fortunately for the protagonist, the planet was left with supplies of water, food and oxygen, thanks to which he will be able to hold out for a while. However, he needs to come up with a way that would allow him to survive on Mars for four whole years. It is after a long time that a new expedition will arrive on the planet. Will he survive and not go insane on a desert planet in proud solitude and with a minimum supply of provisions? How will the movie "Martian" end? This is not worth talking about, as the whole intrigue is gone. One thing is for sure: the final will not disappoint you.

 the martian


The director's chair in the film The Martian did not takewho else, like Ridley Scott himself. This person is already over 80, however he actively continues to shoot about a film a year. Many young filmmakers could envy the fecundity of a veteran of American cinema. He began his creative career in the distant 70's. And even then he managed not only to declare himself to the whole world, but also quickly become one of the most prominent figures in Hollywood.

Scott's first major success wassci-fi horror film "Alien", which was filmed for not the most money. But the budget was enough to convey the whole atmosphere of horror, which pleased the main characters. "Alien" forever changed the face of modern cinema and gave birth to an outstanding franchise that has not died to this day.

Then Ridley Scott made a great masterpiecea fantastic cyberpunk "Runner on the blade." Despite the fact that the film failed at the box office and was not appreciated by the public at the time of the release, now the film is an unconditional classic, which every film-man must see.

Then the career of the director quickly went up the hill. He managed to work in a variety of genres and shoot more than 30 great works. With Ridley Scott worked almost all the prominent stars of Hollywood. So his influence on this sphere can not be overestimated. Only in recent years, his work has seen a marked decline. Scott produced one disastrous film after another, increasingly convincing fans that age takes its toll.

But in 2015, thanks to the film "The Martian", hecould shut his mouth to all the critics. He created a truly innovative fantastic drama full of irony and new ideas. So to this day, Ridley simply has no equal in this genre.

Martian plot of the film

Preparation for shooting

As you know, the script of The Martianis completely based on the work of Andy Weir, which was popular in the homeland. That's only the content of the book turned out to be too scientific and little understood by the philistine and connoisseur of fiction. So it was very difficult to transfer this into the movie format. In recognition of Ridley Scott himself, he could not master the novel, since everything described there for him was something unattainable. It was for this very reason that he took a risk and fully relied on an adapted and more simplified scenario.

Heroes of the movie "Martian"

Despite the fact that the "Martian" - the film of oneactor, on the secondary roles in it also appeared a lot of talented and well-known public people. So we bring to your attention the actors of the film "The Martian" (2015).

where the film was shot Martian

Matt Damon

Mark Watney in the performance of Matt Damon turned outreally memorable character, which you sincerely begin to empathize with during the course of the film. His fate is something very much recalled the story of the film "Izgoy", released on the screen 15 years before. In that film, the protagonist also found himself in proud solitude without the ability to connect with the rest of the world. So Damon was perfectly able to cope with a fairly difficult task, entrusted to his shoulders. It was in the "Martian" Matt Damon fully demonstrated all of his talent.

Before that, you could see Matt Damon in manyother popular blockbusters, such as "The Departed", "Bourne Identity", "Ocean's Eleven" and many others. So fans of his work will be interested to look at his favorite in an unusual role, with which he coped just fine.

Jessica Chestane

She, like the other secondary heroes,paid very little screen time. But even this for Jessica Chestane was enough to create a memorable image on the screen. In "Martian" Jessica Chestane played the role of captain of the ship. Like Damon, Jessica is an extremely popular and eminent actress, who always perfectly complements any film. And this was not an exception.

how the film ends martian

Civitel Ejiofor

The actor of the film "The Martian" (2015), which fora fairly short amount of time was able to become the most sought after black actor in Hollywood. Until recently, he was filming mostly in not the most notable dramatic tapes. But already now it can be observed in all sorts of projects of such studios as, for example, Marvel. He was also nominated for an Oscar forthe performance of the main role in the historical drama "12 years of slavery". It was there that he was able to fully open his entire acting potential and become a real star.

Before the film "Martian" Civetel Egiofor already hadcollaborate with Ridley Scott. This is a criminal thriller "Gangster", according to many, who became one of the main masterpieces of the director in the 21st century. Then the actor also got the role of the second plan.

Kristen Uig

Kristen Uig is also enoughclaimed by the actress of recent years. Many people are accustomed to seeing in the comedy genre. In particular, she is also the main star of the most popular American parody show "Saturday Night Live", for which she received many prestigious television awards. But from time to time, she still tries her hand in other areas of cinema. In this film, she also has a minute appearance on the screen.

Martian film 2015 actors

Jeff Daniels

We think, for many Jeff Daniels in the viewdoes not need. He managed to play several magnificent roles at once, thanks to which he already entered the history of cinematography and TV for a long time. First of all, he is famous for the mass audience thanks to the "Dumb and Dumber". However, there were in his career and much more dramatic projects worthy of attention. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the films "Purple Rose of Cairo", "Speed" and the series "News Service". In the "Martian" he played Dr. Teddy Sanders.

Shawn Bin

Director of Flight Operations NASA Mitch HendersonIn the performance of Sean Bean also turned out to be a very interesting character. However, the timing did not allow full disclosure of the character of the hero. In any case, the appearance of such a star always positively affects the overall picture of what is happening on the screen.

Keith Mara

Well, the last person who makes sensemention in this article is the actress Kate Mara. She is the sister of another, no less famous Hollywood star Rooney Mara. However, Keith appears on the big screens much less often, preferring television. In "Martian" she played astronaut Beth Johanssen.

Where did the shooting take place

Where was the film "Martian" filmed? The film was shot in the Wadi Rum desert, in Jordan, which was an ideal place to recreate the general atmosphere of Mars. However, the place where the film "Martian" was filmed was not enough. Most of the visual components were made with the help of the most modern computer effects. Preparation for creating effects took quite a long time. But the final result, undoubtedly, surpassed all possible expectations.

Martian movie 2015

Reviews of viewers and critics

Reviews of the movie "Martian" mainlypositive. The motion picture became one of the main hits of hire in 2015. So we can say with full confidence that the fans were more than satisfied with what they saw. By modern standards in the location of Ridley Scott was not so much money. Usually the standard amount for the production of fantastic blockbusters is 250 million. Scott was only one hundred. But this did not affect the quality of the work. Many viewers comment on the film "Martian" positive plan is left for the magnificent visual series, thanks to which to look behind what is happening on the screen is incredibly interesting. Also from the plus stands out a brilliant game performed by Matt Damon, who was able to outdo himself.

Critics also reviewed the movie "Martian"leave positive. In particular, on the well-known reviewer, the overall percentage of positive reviews is 91%. For this genre, this indicator is a huge rarity. Critics primarily struck the very plot of the film "Martian", and not a visual component. The script was extremely exciting and presented during the viewing many surprises, which pleased all without exception. Despite its serious overload with all sorts of scientific details, it's interesting for any viewer to watch what's happening on the screen. And what the film "Martian" will end, will exceed all your expectations.

As for the remaining technical components,they also turned out to be more than convincing. Despite his age, Scott is not afraid to use for shooting the most modern and little-known technology to him in the spirit of special cameras installed on helmets of astronauts. Many of the cameras and techniques used were more than innovative and could not fail to impress the audience.


The film "Martian" was awarded a hugethe number of major awards and has become one of the most successful science fiction films of the last five years. In particular, the film received seven nominations for an Oscar, including the award for the best film. That's only to win at least one of them, unfortunately, the creators of the picture did not succeed. But on the "Golden Globe" the situation was much more positive. There, the "Martian" (film of 2015) won two awards from three at once. But only the main award turned out somewhat curious. As you know, the film was positioned by the creators as a dramatic film with elements of fiction. However, he won in a controversial nomination for the best comedy / musical of the year. This circumstance caused a lot of jokes on the Internet and left many admirers in perplexity. Also, Matt Damon deservedly received a prize for the best male role.

Topics and impact

As you know, the director of the film all his lifespecialized mainly in the dark and tense scenes in the cinema. His films are full of suspense, which is the main component of such genres as horror and thriller. So many admirers were very surprised by the atypical for Ridley Scott, the contagious and easy narrative that was present in the "Martian". Yes, it was still a drama. But at the same time she was not deprived of comical moments that could amuse the audience during the viewing. That's just Scott himself equated this kind of humor with the joke of a hanged man.

Inspired by director to create this kind of movie, the eminent StanleyKubrick is a classic of the genre that gave the world the legendary "Space Odyssey". Also, of course, it was an obvious attempt to tell the story of modern Robinson within the fantasy genre. However, the idea behind this film is somewhat deeper than it might seem at first glance. In particular, the question of the significance of one particular life is posed. So after watching the "Martian" there are a lot of topics to think about.

The result

In the end, we got one of the brightest and mostunusual fantastic films of the 21st century, which definitely will appeal not only to fans of the genre, but also to the mass audience. Ridley Scott was able to make another revolution in the genre, giving the world one more masterpiece. At the moment he continues to actively shoot films and act as a producer. It remains only to hope that he will more than once please us with his magnificent films in the future. Well, we strongly recommend watching the "Martian". You will definitely be pleasantly surprised by what you saw on the screen.

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