Musical "The Phantom of the Opera": a story and a brief summary. What is the musical based on Gaston Leroux's novel The Phantom of the Opera?

Ah, musicals! You can adore them and go to all the premieres. They can be hated and squeamishly pursed lips barely hearing "about this stupidity." In the end, this kind of art can simply not be understood. But it is impossible to remain completely indifferent to musicals.

Computer games, dancing in nightclubs and3D cinemas gradually replaced ballet, opera and operetta, performances and musicals from the lives of most modern people. Only true connoisseurs are ready to sacrifice time and almost any amount of money to once again touch the art and fill their inner world with shades of different emotions.

In this article we will talk about the beautiful,the incomparable, legendary musical "The Phantom of the Opera", which for 30 years is confidently held at the peak of popularity and not only that is still performed in all countries of the world, but was also screened with the participation of Hollywood actors.

phantom of the opera plot

Love and creativity

The history of this musical began at that moment,when in the hands of the British composer Andrew Lloyd-Webber came the novel of Gaston Leroux "The Phantom of the Opera." The story, written by a French writer, struck the composer to the core.

What is Gaston Leroux telling about in his novel The Phantom of the Opera? Summary books can be described as the struggle of such human feelings as Love, Hatred and ... Nadezhda. This is history:

  • about two men who are in love with a talented girl;
  • about a girl with a pure soul and her faith in the Angel of Music;
  • about the unhappy, ugly, but ingenious man with a crippled fate;
  • about the complex interweaving of destinies and about mercy.

In fact, it is not entirely correct to try in two words to retell the "Phantom of the Opera" (the plot). After all, briefly and concisely convey the experience of the characters, their feelings and emotions in full is simply impossible!

Before writing the musical, the talented composer married the charming young actress and singer Sarah Brightman, who later performed the role of opera singer Christina Dae.

Sarah Brightman had a unique voice -high and clean soprano, in love with his beautiful wife Andrew Lloyd Webber, felt an inexhaustible need to create, they both bathed in love and happiness. Apparently, the stars formed into some complicated pattern, or maybe mysterious kind forces intervened, but thanks to this combination of circumstances, the world saw and heard the "Phantom of the Opera" - a musical that conquers hearts at once, unquestioningly and forever. His loyal fans are sure that this is because he is "mixed up" with real feelings. In a word - "Phantom of the Opera" (the book and its embodiment in music) is a creation of people who know firsthand what love is.

Companions in the musical field

In addition to Andrew Lloyd-Webber in the writing of the musicalparticipated Charles Hart (libretto) and Richard Stigloe (separate parts). Lloyd-Webber came up with an interesting score, in which the musical periodically turned into opera and back. The composer played with styles, mixing his own unique musical cocktail. It is thanks to his bold fantasy "Phantom of the Opera" - a musical that could carry its charm through time. The souls of those who were fortunate enough to see and hear it once and for all, were filled with pleasant emotional memories.

phantom of the opera musical

Talent of the designer

It is worth mentioning an outstanding workdesigner Mary Bjørnson, who invented the scenery and costumes: it was she who, having passed through herself the "Phantom of the Opera" (the plot of the musical, the emotions of the artists, the spirit of the time) suggested using such memorable moments in the production as a luxurious chandelier, fragile gondola, stately staircase and gloomy dungeon .

Fans of the creation of Leroux Gaston and Andrew Lloyd-Webber will confirm: when describing the musical "The Phantom of the Opera", the plot will not be summarized briefly. Too many details, feelings, dialogues, emotions ...

The Mystery of the Paris Opera

So, the musical "The Phantom of the Opera" ... The plotunfolds in the distant 1881. The main place of action is the Paris Opera - the venue for the brilliant opera diva Carlotta. And it is in the deep dungeons under the building, according to rumors, that the mysterious Phantom of the Opera dwells. By the way, the new owners of the Opera do not believe in the existence of an insidious phantom and suppress any conversations on this topic.

One day during the rehearsal of Carlotta occurssomething strange: collapses one of the scenery, which almost crippled the opera diva. Impressive witnesses of what happened unanimously assert that this is a scandal none other than the Phantom of the Opera, and the Prima donna herself refuses to perform and is in every way indignant that the new masters - Firmen and Andre - do not care about the safety of the artists.

The opera choreographer - Madame Giri - dedicatesnew owners in the mystery of the Ghost: it turns out he has long felt himself the master of the Opera! The impudent phantom requires a high salary and forbids to occupy someone with the No.5 box during the performances, because it considers it its own.

Phantom of the Opera

New Prima

Firmman and Andre are horrified - and no wonder: the scenery is broken, the prima donna refuses to perform, and even this Ghost! Opera, musical and other performances - all this will go to waste if the planned performance does not take place!

It is necessary to find a new Primus, and it becomesinconspicuous chorus girl, born in Sweden - Christina Dae. The hosts of the Paris Opera do not pin hopes on her, but unexpectedly for all, Christina shows all the power of her beautiful voice, first during the rehearsal, and then at the very performance.

Angry good angel

After the dizzying debut of Christina ona secret tells his friend Meg that she is a kind spirit sent by her deceased father who calls himself the Angel of Music. And let she never saw him, but only heard, he is for her - everything: and friend, and critic, and mentor. It was the Angel of Music that taught Christina to own her voice and sing great.

Meanwhile, in the Opera appears a new character,Raul Viscount de Chagny is a very wealthy young man who decided to become a patron of the Paris Opera. By the way, de Chagny and Christina are familiar for a long time - as a child they spent a lot of time together playing games. About the Angel of Music Christina tells and Raul, but he is too pragmatic to believe in fables. Raoul is in love with Christina, but she does not dare to admit it to her. He invites Christina to dine together, but she refuses to a fervent lover.

Of course, in fact there is no Angel of Musicno: there is an obsessive passion for the gentle Christine Phantom of the Opera. Gaston Leroux's book conveys the love affair of the phantom very well, and the composer Lloyd-Webber brightly and very distinctly managed to show them with the help of music.

phantom of the opera book

Obsessed with love

At the time when Christina is alone, she hasa voice is heard from the dressing room - it's displeased with her frankness and burnt by the jealousy of the Phantom of the Opera. The plot becomes more dramatic. Curious Christina wants to see what her mentor looks like, and asks him to appear. The ghost appears in the mirror, but to the disappointment of the young singer his face hides the mask. The phantom leads Christina through the mirror and takes her to the caves of the Opera.

The ghost carries away the trembling from fear andCuriosity Christina is deeper and deeper into the labyrinthine catacombs. On the old gondola they cross a small underground lake and find themselves in a gloomy place where the Ghost dwells. In the lair of the phantom, there is a huge number of candles and there are many organ pipes through which he spoke with Christina in the guise of the Angel of Music.

phantom of the opera plot of the musical

Covered with love Ghost ardently admitsChristine is in love and invites her to stay with him forever. Impressive girl faints. A phantom carefully puts it on the bed, and sits down to the organ to compose new music.

Meanwhile, Christina woke up quietlysneaks to the ghost of a new work of the Ghost and cleverly tears off his mask, under which with horror he discovers an ugly and disfigured face. The phantom comes to an indescribable rage from the fact that his ugliness has opened to the girl. In anger, he tells her that he dreams of a normal appearance so that Christina can love him, and then takes her back to the dressing room. Christina is discouraged that her Angel of Music is the Phantom of the Opera.

novel gaston lairu ghost opera

Death for disobedience

The plot of the musical is further developed as followsway: the new owners of the Opera - Firmman and Andre - receive from the Ghost a letter demanding to confirm Christina to all the main parties. The letters from the Ghost are received by Raul and Carlotta. In a letter to de Shagny, the Phantom forbids the approach to Christina, and Carlotta Phantom notifies her of her removal from execution.

Firmman and Andre are not going to obeysome Ghost, and Carlotta again shines on stage. However, during the performance, strange metamorphoses take place with her voice, and instead of singing throughout the Opera, terrible croaking is heard. Carlotta is forced to retire from the stage, and instead of her preparing for the performance, Christina is preparing.

In order not to arouse suspicion among the audience, on stagedances ballet. Someone from the dancers grabs the ill-fated rear scenery, it falls and opens an eerie spectacle - hanging by Joseph Buquet (one of the theater workers). Nobody doubts that the culprit of this is none other than the Phantom of the Opera!

The plot continues to gain momentum. The spectators leave the hall in panic, and the frightened Christina, along with Raul, hide on the roof, where the girl tells De Chagny about visiting the dark dungeon and everything that happened there. Raoul still considers this a fantasy and, having mustered courage, confesses Christina in love. The girl answers him in return, they kiss, and the phantom that follows follows them into wild fury. He wants revenge, and to somehow splash out his anger, brings down on the stage a huge opera chandelier!

Six months later, Christina and Raul got engaged, andthe girl does not take off the ring presented by the young men. The owners of the Paris Opera organize a costume ball, on which appears the Phantom of the Opera with a red mask on his face. He announces the creation of a new opera and demands that Prima in it, of course, be Christina. Then he forcibly takes the engagement ring from the girl and disappears.

phantom of the opera plot

The Secret Revealed

Omnipresent Ghost thoroughly fed up with histricks Raoul, and he tries to find out who really is hiding under the mask of the phantom. He is told a sad story about a certain freak who sat in a cage at the representation of a wandering fair that was a trip in Paris many years ago. Above the terrible appearance of the prisoner everyone was amused, however, despite the ugliness, the unfortunate had a sharp mind, perfectly felt music and understood architecture. He managed to get out of the cage and seemed to dissolve into the air.

Raoul believes that the Phantom of the Opera is the onethe most ingenious freak and decides that during the premiere of the new opera one can arrange a trap for the freak. He shares his plans with Christina and asks her for help. Moved by the love of the young man and the fear of the Ghost, the girl promises her lover to help catch the phantom.

Ghost on the Ghost

On the day of the performance, the hall of the Paris Opera is full. Christina goes on stage with Ubaldo Pianji, with whom she must sing a duet. However, during the performance, Cristina realizes that next to her is not Ubaldo, but the Ghost! The phantom holds out the ring to the girl, and she deftly tears off the mask from him. The disfigured face of the freak is opened to those who are horrified by the spectators. The phantom grabs Christine and carries her to her lair. Behind them is an angry crowd led by Raul.

gaston leru phantom of the opera

In her lair, the Ghost forces the girl to wearwedding dress and trying to force her to become his wife. Suddenly, De Chagny bursts into the dark abode, the Ghost binds him and offers Christina to make a choice: the life of a loved one or freedom from a phantom. The girl is afraid for her lover, and to soften the heart of a cruel freak kisses the Ghost. The kiss was magical: the unfortunate, rejected by all the Ghost relented and let the lovers go.

Reset Mask

Raoul and Kristina escape from the lair of the monster, andthe phantom remains alone and weeps sobbingly, wiping away the tears with a veil. In the dungeon bursts intoxicated by the hatred of the crowd and sees the dark outlines of the figure wrapped in a cloak. Cristina's friend, Meg, bravely tears off the cloak, but underneath it is only the mask of the Phantom of the Opera, the master of the dungeon himself disappeared ...

ghost opera ghost

Thus ends the musical "The Phantom of the Opera", whichremains legendary until now. It is impossible to imagine that this magnificent production might not have existed if Gaston Leroux had not written The Phantom of the Opera if this book had not inspired the lover of composer Andrew Lloyd-Webber and if Sarah Brightman did not have a unique voice. The coincidence of circumstances sometimes gives a truly fabulous twist, which makes our world kinder and more beautiful.

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