Game Rich Birds: reviews of players and the operating principle of the system

Every year on the Internet, like thunderamong the clear sky, there are various games that offer you with a minimum investment to donate millions of gold. This phenomenon, naturally, attracts a large number of those who want to get easy money, but few of them think about a simple truth, which says that free cheese is only in mousetraps ...

rich birds reviews

The history of the appearance of, reviews and the degree of their truth

Эта незатейливая игра появилась в 2013 году. From the first minutes in the network, she managed to gain immense popularity, the reason for which was a strict algorithm. It was based on the principle of the pyramid. The first players did get paid, but the scheme itself was as follows: new players received approval for the withdrawal of funds only if the account of the game already had investments made by new players.

Как известно, сегодня закон всяческими способами fights against pyramids and other unscrupulous market players. The creators of the game were afraid to lose such a source of profit, and therefore introduced a new system of payments, which, if viewed from the point of view of the genius of the fraudulent world, has no analogues.

Payment scheme

rich birds com reviews

The game Rich Birds, reviews on which you can ingreat abundance found on various Internet resources, is a pioneer in the creation of fraudulent schemes that fully comply with the laws.

So, let's look at how Rich Birds, whose withdrawal notes are mixed with ambiguous statements, has become a leader in the gambling market:

  • Первостепенно система предлагает закинуть некую but you can do it only through a certain online wallet (as you can easily guess, he is either a partner of the game or a child of the same negligent manufacturer).
  • Next, you acquire an electronic bird. Its task is to carry eggs (naturally, virtual), which you can then sell.
  • Birds carry the eggs pretty quickly.Their measurement occurs in the equivalent of silver coins. One thousand coins is equal to 10 rubles. Agree, a good psychological reception! The player seems to have 50 thousand on his account, but in fact there is only 50 rubles.
  • The withdrawal can be carried out on two purses(a purse of the game and "Kiwi"). Naturally, this does not stop with tricks. If you want to withdraw money for "Kiwi", you will have to sweat pretty, because the minimum withdrawal amount is quite high. For lack of choice, you have to withdraw funds to the purse offered by the game.
  • When you try to output, the system will certainly reportyou, that you "do not have enough points to withdraw funds." What is it and why it appeared? Points for withdrawal of funds are 40 percent of the amount that you contributed to the game. Their increase is possible only in one way - additional funds.

Thus, the game is a closed circle, there is no way out.

Positive feedback on the game Rich Birds and the history of their appearance

rich birds feedback on withdrawal of funds

This game causes a lot of controversial discussions.As it is not difficult to guess, the game Rich Birds, reviews on which there are both positive and negative, obviously pays for commentators. Such a conclusion is made quite easily and at ease: there is not a single clear evidence of payment of money. In addition, on the Internet, there is a huge amount of video confirmations of the impossibility of their output, which mystically disappear and then perelivayutsya (apparently, in this way the game struggles with the truth, which in every way hides).

A few words about where the truth is hidden

reviews about game rich birds

The truth is the following - the game in questionRich Birds, reviews about which simply can not bear a truthfully positive character, parasitizes on the minds of citizens. The main audience consists of inveterate gamblers who can not jump from this needle of excitement. Substitution of concepts in the form of 100 silver coins instead of 10 rubles cloud the brain. Attempts to withdraw even the money that was spent on the game, end in failure, as the birds will demand new money from you. This vicious circle does not end yet for a number of reasons. These include:

  • the impossibility of resolving the conflict from the point of view of the law;
  • absence of corpus delicti
  • a huge number of purchased comments and reviews that create the appearance of the fairness of the game.

Thus, this game is no more than oneLochotron aimed at the fragile minds of citizens. The game Rich Birds, reviews about which, for the most part, have nothing to do with reality, should open its true face!

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