"Singing in the thorns": actors and roles have entered the history of cinematography

In the film adaptation of the eponymous novel "Singing inblackthorn "actors and the roles that they performed, risked bringing down criticism upon failure. In the frame, any oversight would desecrate a classic literary work.

Ovations of the public

A complex love story of length in the years from printedlines were risked to be transferred to film, so connoisseurs of both art forms - cinema and literature, would not forgive any mistake. In the work on the series "Singing in the thorns" the actors (and the roles performed by them, fortunately, did not suffer from this) remained under enormous pressure. At the premiere, the crew's anxiety dispelled the audience's ovations. Forbidden relations between the clergyman and the young girl on the big screen received huge fees at the box office. Critics have generously endowed the screen with a lot of flattering reviews.

Here is the full cast of the film:

  • George Richard Chamberlain.
  • Rachel Ward.
  • Gene Simmons.
  • Richard Keely.
  • Barbara Stanwick.
  • Christopher Plummer.
  • Brian Brown.
  • Mayor of Winningsham.
  • Piper Laurie.
  • Brett Cullen.
  • Philip Englim.

George Chamberlain

Since the age of 25, he has been making a movie with great success with the general public. His talent very quickly made Chamberlain one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood.

actors in the thorns and roles

From his first role on the big screen was already 52 years, during this time the legend of world cinema starred in several dozen films. Some of these works have replenished the fund of world classics.

One of them was the film "Singing in the thorns". Actors and roles embodied on the screen will remain in history as one of the masterpieces of cinema art.

A native of Los Angeles, George Richard Chamberlain was born in 1934 in a wealthy entrepreneur's family. The future actor was lucky enough to grow up in the Beverly Hills area amid great opportunities.

Most recently, the viewer could see this actor in one of the secondary roles of the comedy "The Ideal Family". Now elderly Chamberlain is 83 years old.

the movie is sung in the thorns of actors and roles

Ideal were selected in the film adaptation of the novel"Singing in thorns" actors and roles. Photos of these people are recognized throughout the world, they receive love and recognition from millions of viewers. George Chamberlain was no exception. Even the most stringent critics will mention his name with trepidation.

Rachel Ward

At the premiere of the picture "Singing in the thorns" actorsand the roles played by them will bring together enthusiastic reviews of the audience and experts of the cinema. In many respects this is due to respect for the novel of the same name and its heroes. Individual skeptics will link the success of the film to the fact that no one would dare to criticize the masterpiece of world literature.

The unspoken status of an actress of one role givesthe foundations of Rachel Ward despair in the declining years. Above the main character, "Singing in the thorns," she never rose. She did not even manage to get close to that level of recognition and popularity in her career. But we have to make an amendment to what it was. With a fairly modest actor's training, or rather, complete absence of it, the British girl was then able to leave a significant mark in the classics of cinematography.

actors in the thorns and roles photo

For Rachel, it was her debut role in the movie. Her dignity at that time was only appearance, and with great difficulty the young actress was persuaded to shoot. She herself spoke of a lack of acting skills. But during the filming Ward has adapted. At the premiere of the screen version of "Singing in the thorns" actors and the roles that they brought to the viewer, no longer raised doubts about professionalism. And Rachel was also honored for her excellent acting in the frame.

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