Famous Bradley David is an American actor

It will be about the wonderful and well-known actor of the USA Bradley David. He is a laureate of the British BAFTA award, which is an analogue of the American Emmy.


David John Bradley was born April 17, 1942 in one of the most important cities in England, York, in a simple family. At the moment he lives in Stratford-upon-Avon in the UK.

Bradley David actor USA

David's father was a mason. Initially, the biography of David Bradley was completely unrelated to the acting career. The boy began to show interest in the theater and the scene only in fifteen years. The future actor enrolled in the youth club, where he played in the performances. Actorship immediately liked Bradley, but after graduation, he still decided to get an engineer education, because he considered work in the theater only a hobby, a hobby.

At twenty-four years the future actor of the USA BradleyDavid, at the urging of the producer of the theatrical society, where he played, began studying at the Royal Academy of Drama Arts. After completing his studies, in 1972, David was invited to work at the Royal National Theater, which was directed by Lawrence Olivier - one of the great actors of the twentieth century, the winner of four Oscars.

It is known that the actor is a devoted fan of the football club Aston Villa.

Carier start

At the Royal Theater, he played in plays"Richard the Third", "Twelfth Night", "Watchman" and "Homecoming". The last work in this theater was the play "Sacraments", where US actor Bradley David played God.

After he worked in the Royal Shakespeareancompany. There he became famous in the performances "Three Sisters", "Julius Caesar" and "Venetian merchant". And in 1990, David played the Jester in "King Lear", for which he received the prestigious British award - the Lawrence Olivier prize.

In the movie there was a first time in the television series "The closest and dearest", having played an episodic role.


The films with David Bradley are mainly related togenres of comedy, fantasy, adventure, fantasy. In total, in the treasury of the American actor to date, about three dozen TV shows and two dozen films.

Among the most famous serials are "Vanity Fair", "Cracker Method", "Pure English Murder", where the actor in one of the series played the main character.

David Bradley biography

Participated in the filming of the series "Our Friends in the North," which received numerous nominations and awards.

David Bradley participated in the filming as a classic comedy ("Nicholas Nickleby"), and the modern "type of tough pug". In it, he played a farmer who illegally collects weapons.

In 2011, the first film of the saga of HarryPotter, where the British actor played the role of caretaker Filch Argus. Thanks to this role, the American actor Bradley David became even more famous. His hero appears in all parts of the film.

In the same year he appeared in the adventure film from the company "Marvel" "The First Avenger", where actors such as Chris Evans and Hugo Weaving worked.

The actor received a small role in the well-known historical series "Tudors." In the sensational movie "The Game of Thrones", he appeared in the role of Lord Frey.

David Bradley Movies

Three years ago he received the award for Best Supporting Actor in the series "Murder on the Beach."

Talented in his business, David Bradley has a rich filmography and managed to build a good acting career.

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