"Avengers: The Age of the Altron" - actors and roles. Fantastic thriller

April 2015 brought to the big screens of the worldcinemas new blockbuster - "Avengers: The Age of the Altron". Actors, director, screenwriters, in general, the whole film crew and the creators of the project tried their best, the film turned out to be very spectacular and epic. Grandiose scenes of battles, magnificent panoramas, shooting from the most incredible camera angles and stunning special effects - all this, if it did not give the sequel overtake the first movie on collections in cinemas, it certainly provided the sixth place in the list of the highest grossing films in the history of cinema. But not the least role in the success of this fantastic action movie was played by a delightful team of star actors, whose characters have long become popular favorites.

the avengers of the era of the altron actors

Fantastic thriller with new elements

What is special about the film "The Avengers: The Age of Altron? Actors who played key and minor characters in the team of superheroes both in solo paintings, and in the first part of the adventures of the defenders of the planet, remained the same. But in the second part they had a small addition to the composition, as well as a new antagonist. True, according to many viewers, Altron still could not get around this aspect of the main villain of the first part of Loki, in the performance of the inimitable Tom Hiddlestone. In general, the director and screenwriter Jos Whedon tried to bring more emotions to the new picture, to reveal the seemingly familiar heroes from a new angle, to emphasize the moral aspects and human relationships. Whedon did a tremendous job, he managed to allocate time for each of these disparate characters very organically, and balanced the screen time for them so that no one was left unattended. However, the main emphasis is still on the action, because the "Avengers" - this is primarily a large-scale blockbuster.

Roberta Downey Jr.

iron Man

Whatever one may say, the main star of the project was andremains Robert Downey Jr., who for many years remains the only and unique Tony Stark. By the way, this actor has the highest fee for participating in the screen version of the comic book "Marvel". Iron Man's costume is just an addition to a brilliant mind, a terrific sense of humor and the great heart of this defender of the planet. In the second part of The Avengers, Stark is in some way the root cause of the fact that Altron broke out into the world, because originally this project was conceived to protect humanity. Starting his work secretly from everyone except Bruce Benner, Tony was guided only by good goals, but after his mistake he lost the confidence of many members of the team. As it turns out later, this was only the first step to a split among the superhero team, which will be more vividly expressed in the upcoming film of the universe "Marvel" "The First Avenger: Civil War."

Scarlett Johansson

The Right Captain

We can say that the opposite of Starkis Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America. This absolute positive hero, such a right guy, is no longer the first time handsome Chris Evans. This part of the Avengers more reveals a certain gulf between Rogers, torn from his time and never fully mastered in modern times, and the rest of the team. Captain America is too correct, almost without flaws, which makes it farther from other heroes who, one way or another, have their own "skeletons in the closet."

The real god

The most straightforward, simple, as far as this wordin general, you can apply to the god of Asgard, the character remains Thor in the performance of Chris Hamsworth. He, as usual, with pleasure jokes in the frame and always to the place. His fantastic abilities often help the team out of trouble. Thor is one of those heroes who always try to unite the team, although Tony Stark's antics also seriously angered him.

Jeremy Renner

Opposites attract

Romantic relations between team members -another new twist in the plot of the film "The Avengers: The Age of the Altron." Actors who play Hulk and the Black Widow interact a lot in the frame. In this case, the love line is very organically blended into the plot and quite varied the overall dynamics of the picture. Mark Ruffalo embodies on the screen of Bruce Benner just the second time, before the "Avengers" solo films about Hulk came out with other actors in the title role. And although Mark does not seem to be the conqueror of women's hearts, it was his character who chose the beautiful spy Natasha Romanoff as her love interest. But such strong characters simply can not be all smooth. When trying to get closer to Banner, Natasha had to overcome not one obstacle. They both have deep psychological problems, which they are used to solve in different ways, which results in a conflict. The magnificent Scarlett Johansson was very convincing both in emotional dialogues and in fights with amazing effects.

Underrated hero

About Sokolin's Eye a wide audience knows up tooffensive little. Unfortunately, Clint Barton, like the Black Widow, has not yet received his own film in the movie "Marvel". However, the character in "Avengers" is not overwritten and try to talk about him as much as possible. As in the previous part, the well-aimed archer is played by the radiant Jeremy Renner. "The Age of Altron" opened the audience a veil over the mysteries of the life of Falcon's eye and introduced his family. It was his house that became a shelter for the whole team of heroes, when they had absolutely no place to go to make a breather in an unequal battle with the new villain.

brand of ruffalo

From villains to allies

Although a new antagonist and looks like a robot, but allhis voice, as well as gestures and movements, was presented to him by actor James Spader. Altron in his performance turned out to be quite typical super villain. Invented originally to protect the Earth, the program was animated with the help of Loki's scepter, which obviously could not lead to anything good. Considering mankind the main threat, Altron recruited assistants and began to make plans for the destruction of the Avengers team, and behind them the main problem of the planet, from his point of view. The assistants turned out to be a brother and a sister with superpowers, Pietro and Vanda Maximoff, who blamed Tony Stark for the death of their parents, so it was better not to find accomplices Altron. Mercury in the performance of Aaron Taylor-Johnson and the Scarlet Witch, played by Elizabeth Olsen, were able to inflict unexpectedly strong damage to the superhero company, sowing fear and defeatism among them. When the twins found out about their patron's real plans, they realized that they had chosen the wrong side and in the fight against the world evil they joined the team of the Avengers, but only one of them was destined to stay in it.

Chris Evans

"The Avengers: The Age of Altron": the actors of the second plan

Besides the main favorite characters and new heroesand villains, the audience saw many other old acquaintances. Not the least role in the victory of the forces of good against the evil android played by the famous for many films studio "Marvel" Colonel James Rhodes, who is also playing the smiling Don Cheadle. Samuel L. Jackson returned to the role of Nick Fury and was able to restore the morale of the team of heroes at an awkward hour for them. Again helped the Avengers and agent Maria Hill, performed by actress Kobe Smolders. Paul Bettany's voice has long been known to all the fans of the Iron Man and the Avengers, it's Jarvis's voice, but finally the audience saw the actor himself, who had the role of an improved andoid Vigen, in some way an ally of the superhero team. Also in the film were shot: Thomas Krechman (Wolfgang von Strucker), Claudia Kim (Doctor Cho), Idris Elba (Heimdall), Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter), Andy Serkis (Ulysses Clos) and many others. And Stan Lee, creator of many Marvel comics, appeared in a small cameo, he played a veteran at the Avengers party.

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