The film "Late Love". Actors and roles

"Late Love" - ​​Russian melodrama 2012. Director - Sergei Aleshechkin. Despite the fact that the story is not unique, the film received positive feedback from the audience. What is this film about? The plot and actors of "Late Love" are presented in the article.

The main characters of the film are Lida and Anton Tsvetkov. They lived together for many years. Lida and Anton have an adult daughter. But a happy family life one day collapses. During the trip, Tsvetkov meets his long-cherished lover - Tatyana. This woman is so unlike a wife! It is bright, modern, personifies the opposite of all that was for many years the measured, quiet life of the Tsvetkovs. And Anton suddenly realizes how much he has missed in recent years. Who played the main roles in the film "Late Love"?

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Evgenia Dmitrieva played Lida Tsvetkov. Andrei Yegorov played the main male role in the melodrama "Last Love". The actors of these will be discussed in more detail below. Who played the role of razluchnitsy?

Natalia Gudkova, known for the films "Driver for Faith", "My General", "I Stay", "House on the Lake" and many others, played the first love of the main character in the melodrama "Late Love".

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Actor Nikolay Tokarev played the role of Anton's colleague.

Alena Konstantinova played the daughter of Tsvetkovs. She is best known for the movie "Elki-2". Konstantinova took part in more than ten projects, but almost all of them came out after the premiere of the melodrama Aleshechkin.

Other actors of "Late Love": Maxim Glotov, Dmitry Sotiradi, Eugene Faraponov, Olga Dolinina, Natalia Barilo, Elena Lotova.

Evgenia Dmitrieva

The actress was born in 1972. The theater was fascinated even in adolescence. I participated in various school productions, and after receiving the certificate, without hesitation, I applied to the Shchepkinskoye College. When Dmitrieva graduated from the university, she was accepted into the troupe of the Maly Theater. Since 1996, engaged in teaching, actively withdrawn in films, mostly melodrama.

Evgenia Dmitrieva was married to AndreyKaykov, famous for his participation in the show "6 frames." To date, the actress's spouse is her former student, whose name she does not disclose in the press.

Evgenia Dmitrieva's film career began at the beginningthe nineties. In 1992, she played a secondary role in the film "Limit." For a long time, the actress played the heroines of the inconspicuous. One of the first major roles of Dmitrieva - the role of Inga in the melodrama "Infant", released in 2006 in rental. Approximately at the same time the premiere of the lyrical comedy "Three half-graces" took place, where the actress's partners on the set were Yuri Stoyanov, Alena Khmelnitskaya, Tatyana Vasilyeva. In the filmography of Eugene Dmitrieva more than a hundred works.

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Andrey Egorov

The role in the film "The Time of the Dancer" - the debutfilm starring performer in the film "Late Love". The actor was born in 1970. He graduated from the Voronezh Institute of Arts, after receiving the diploma he left for Moscow, where he was admitted to the Theater of the Russian Army. In 2001 he played in the film "Do not Leave Me, Love". Then in the pictures "Close people", "Angel on the roadside", "Dark instinct", "The man is irretrievable" and many others. In the filmography of Egorov about fifty roles, most of them he performed in television projects.

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