"The City of Thieves": actors and features of the film

Today we will talk about the film "The City of Thieves". Actors and roles will be presented further. It's about the criminal drama of Ben Affleck. The film is based on the novel The Prince of Thieves by Chuck Hogan. The picture was first shown in 2010 in the framework of the Venice Film Festival. American critics were supportive of the tape. This is evidenced by the high rating of the film on the site Rotten Tomatoes. The tape received the prize of the Council of Film Critics. Jeremy Renner was nominated for an Oscar.


First, we discuss the plot of the movie "The City of Thieves". Actors will be presented further. The picture tells of four friends, including Doug McRae, James Coughlin, Albert Mugglean and Desmond Elden. They grew up in Charlestown, one of Boston's criminal districts. Heroes create a gang, which is controlled by Fergus Colm - the local mafia boss. Bandits, robbing the Cambridge Bank, take Claire Kesey, the manager, with them. Out of town, they let her go. From the driver's license, selected from the girl, Jem finds out that she lives with him in one area. He suggests that Doug follow her.

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Key players

Doug McRae and James Coughlin are the main characters of the film"City of thiefs". Actors Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner performed these roles. Let's talk more about the characters they embody. Doug McRae is a hockey player who participated in the NHL team. He could not get used to the team because of the conflict nature. He began to abuse alcohol and drugs. Realizing the hopelessness of the chosen path, the hero got rid of pernicious passions. However, the chance to become a professional athlete was missed. As a result, he became a robber and led a gang.

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James Coughlin served a nine-year murderterm. He does not think about tomorrow, he spends his loot in bars, brothels and casinos. He "shoots first, then assesses". At the same time, the hero realizes that at some point his luck will end, but he will not go to prison anymore.

Rebecca Hall played Claire Kesey. This heroine is the manager of the bank, a young girl from a good family. She takes care of children in her area and deals with them. In addition, a girl in a public garden cares for the plants.

Other heroes

Albert Magloun and Desmond Elden are two characters in the movie "The City of Thieves". Actors George Carroll and Owen Burke performed these roles. Let's talk more about the heroes they embodied.

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Albert Magloun is an experienced driver. He knows the device of the car and in a few seconds is able to steal almost any car.

Desmond Elden is a young bank robber. He is an expert in telecommunications. This person is taciturn and serious. He is a full member of the group, despite his age.

John Hamme embodied the image of the special agent of the FBI AdamFrouli. This hero is a tough and experienced professional in his field. This person does not intend to let anyone down. He can have physical influence on informers, presses on the weak spots of suspects and remains indifferent to the life circumstances in which his ward turned out to be.

Actors of the movie "The City of Thieves" Blake Lively and ChrisCooper performed the roles of Christa Coughlin and Stephen. We should mention two more heroes. Dino Champa and Fergus Colm also appear in the plot of the movie "The City of Thieves". Actors Titus Welliver and P. Postlethwaite performed these roles.

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